tp53 gene testing and preventitive mastectomy

Hi, I am 21 and I have been to see about getting tested for faulty genes.
My mum had breast cancer at 28 and again at 49. Unfortunately she passed away when she had it the second time.
This got me thinking, is this going to happen to me? So the doctor had suggested I started screening at 25. I was still worried so I went back and asked if there was anything else they could do.
She said it is hard to test when there isnt a living family member to test who has had breast cancer but she is willing to try.
I also asked her what she thought of a preventitive mastectomy. She said this could be an option if my gene test comes back to have a faulty tp53 gene.
I am to go back in a month when she is going to take some blood for this test. I was just wondering if anyone else is going through or has been through something similar?
helen x

My mum has bc, and I had a benign lump removed in the summer. I had a letter the other day with an appointment with a breast care nurse, I phoned up and asked what it was about as have my check up with the consultant two weeks earlier, and thought it was an error. They said no this is a genetic thing because your mum has cancer etc. I don’t have a clue what they will do or what they will ask or anything to be honest! Its not till end of November but maybe I am being tested or maybe its just a chat about family history.

Jules x

hi jues, thanks for ur reply.
when i first went about genetics, they just looked into family history, who has had what type of cancer on both sides of the family. they might offer you a test fo tp53 and brca genes which is just a blood test.
helen xx

thanks Helen

My lumpectomy was end May and nobody mentioned anything about this appointment. It just arrived the other day and because I had a check up I queried it. I am glad to be having it, more so for my daughter. Her other maternal grandmother died of breast cancer 30 years ago on 1st October (a time that is always made more poignant as its 1st day of Breast Cancer month,) but she was only 42 when she got it, so worried that she could maybe be at risk from the faulty gene.

What will the blood test show up exactly.

Jules xx

Hello Helen

I was in a similar situation to you and I asked for testing after my mum had BC for a second time. Genetics did not test for Tp53 but we had a negative result for brca 1 and 2. If I am correct, Tp53 is very rare and causes many cancers, mainly at a young age (I could be muddling this with another gene). There have been many cancers on my mums side of the breast, ovaries, bowel and lukemia.

I have since had risk reducing mastectomies and I am due to have my ovaries removed when I get round to it, in the meantime I am being monitored closely by blood test and scanning.

Good luck with your test and I hope you dont have to wait too long (nearly 2 years for me).
Jackie x

Jules, how is your mum getting on? I have read some of your other threads. Jx

Hi Jacqc, thanks for asking. Mum is doing ok, but she is finding the rads really exhausting, by late afternoon bless her she can’t keep her eyes open!

Two more weeks and then shes finished.

Jules xxx