tram failed.


I had a tram 4 weeks ago and will be going in next week to have some of the skin trimmed away from the breast as it has died and also some tidying up work doing on my tummy scar where I had an infection.
I am really happy with my boob it is a lovely shape and size and will only loose about 10%of the volume if the operation is successful. My breast is also hard on the chest and near underarm and was told it could be fat scar tissue? Is there anyone who has had a similar experience.


Hi there,

I had a skin sparing mx with expander fitted at the beginning of the year and an area of the skin also died, and was worried I was going to have the implant removed. But all was okay - there was enough skin and the surgeon simply stretched it a bit and it healed very quickly.

Wishing you good luck with your surgery.

Bright x

Hi Bright,
Thank you for your good wishes and your experience of a re-do,hope you are healing well.


hi all,

Does anyone know how often this happens for dieps? I am having mine on the 23rd sept and know that they will check me every hour for the first 48 hours to watch for failure and that there is a 5% chance of complete failure. I hadn’t heard of trimming before???

Hope all is well with everyone,

Gilly xx

The reason they check you so often is so that any problems can be picked up quickly. I had a TRAM flap in May and was back on the ward at 7pm followed by regular checks. I can remember the nurse saying the flap had changed colour and then the doctor being called for. By 1045 I was on my way back into surgery. My PS said 2 veins had blocked which he unblocked but said he had found some better ones to attach to instead ! This was a success and I have had no problems since. Sometimes problems do occur but because of the aftercare they hopefully are picked up quickly and sorted out.


I had a Diep 3 years ago. I was checked every 15 minutes for so many hours and then 30mons etc. This is essential so that any failure in the blood supply can be corrected. I think the failure rate depends on your PS and aftercare although things can always go wrong. When I first saw my Consultant her success rate was 90%. By the time I had my op, she hadn’t had a failure in over a year.

thanks for the info, I did some research on my surgeon and only heard great things. Mr Oliver at the RD&E in Exeter. I just think nerves are really kicking in, that’s all :slight_smile: time is flying by and it only seemed a minute ago I said it was 10 weeks to go and now its 3 on wednesday?!

All keep well xx

Hi gillyyoung,

I am the person who posted this originally I want to let you know that I was very well looked after during and after surgery and a problem with the blood supply was detected on the first day. My surgeon decided to see how my breast would recover using a plaster over the problem area that contained medication to open up the capillaries in the skin. This was succesfull and I left hospital after 7 days knowing that I would need some surgery to remove a small amount of skin on the breast that has not taken. Five weeks down the line I still have my boob and I am having my tidy up tomorrow. Reconstruction is really work in progress. I wish you well with your reconstruction.


Good luck for tomorrow! xx

Hi Puddles i had a tram flap 14yrs ago ,and was the best thing i ever did ,i have not regretted it for a minute ,and never had any problems either ,gud luck ,freda xxxx

Thank you for the comment. 14 years ago, that’s great! Xx

My operation went well and had what is called debridement (removel of skin)and only had to stay in overnight. Back on Monday to have dressings changed. My boob still looks a really good shape.



Glad it all went ok :slight_smile:

I suppose with an operation like this you can never know how it will look and how symmetrical you will end up until its healed. I just think this will be my last op whatever the outcome, had enough of them now! Lol


I had to go back in the next day. I have an infection in the breast and a few other problems. Back tomorrow to have dressings changed, so I am definitely in for the long hall. I know from reading other posts that things can turn out well. I am just resting and trying to keep positive because after all my cancer has been removed.


well let me know how you get on. I think you are doing the right thing by resting, I also believe that thinking positive has made this whole experience bearable. Chin up chuck lol

Gilly xx

Hi Gilly

Had dressings changed today and the consultant had a good look. There is a very small area of skin that has not taken and he said it will heal soon but he is happy with the rest of it. Will be seeing him again on Friday, it is all very reassuring. I had a a good soaking of sun in the back garden and a few glasses of wine, so all is well with the world. You must be counting down the days now to your op.

Chamomile xx

Glad it all went well!

I just want it over and done with now, I am not a good patient and hate being in hospital (who really does) but I have a habit of discharging myself because I can’t stand it lol

Got new button tshirt nightshirts, slip on slippers, fan, books, squash, lipslave and I think everything that has been suggested on here so all ready to go :slight_smile:

best wishes
Gilly xx

Hi Gilly,

When you are in hospital and whilst you are healing eat lots of protein (eggs, chicken and fish) and fruit and veg. I drank a lot of water with ice in hospital to help keep me cool. I will be thinking about you, try to avoid discharging yourself, rest as much as you can in hospital and let the nurses look after you.
Keep in touch.


I’m still having problems. There are three areas that are not healing
and I am having them dressed twice a week . I Saw my consultant this week and he said it is going to take a while to heal and the problem is the skin that had radiotherapy. It has now been 11 weeks since operation and my tummy is sore especially where the mesh is to prevent hernias. We celebrated my husband’s 50th birthday this weekend and we had guests staying which was wonderful but it has left me absolutely exhausted and very tearful. Would really appreciate some chit chat from other TRAM ladies.


Hi Chamomile
just wanted to say hello to you and all others having, or having recently had TRAM flap reconstructions.
Its 10 years since I had my op, and it did take a good few weeks to recover but, what can I say? the surgery turned my life around. I say this because it is tough while you are getting over it and is a complicated process, but I hope you soon feel that you have turned the corner and that it is all completely worthwhile.
I know its sore but its great that you have had the mesh inserted at this point - I had 2 further ops to deal with hernias and have the daftest shape abdomen you can imagine.
I have a close friend who had the surgery 5 years ago and we both have breasts that we love and are proud of. It is such a psychological boost.
I recently had a WLE on same breast and have managed without losing my breast, which is just lovely.
wish you all the best as you recover
love, Monica x