TRAM Flap at Royal Free in London - experience?

I have the opportunity to have TRAM flap recon for later this month -its been a while since I’ve been in hospital as I had my mastectomy in Nov 2008 and chemo finished in May 2009.

Anyway the surgeon who I have met and was expecting to treat me has no space until March or April (it was due for Jan originally) but I have been offered a number of other surgeons at the same hospital who can treat me this month but am wondering if anyone has any recommendations?

I don’t really want to wait as feel that by the time the original surgeon can see me I could have had the op and be out the end with recovery. I just want this to over as soon as possible.

Any comments greatly appreciated.


HI Emma I’m also having my reconstruction at the Royal Free - wonder if it’s the same surgeon - he has been highly recommended and also works privately at a very good clinic. I was actually treated at Barnet Hospital and would have preferred to have my operation there but because I’m having microsurgery, the team are based at Royal Free. If you would like to chat more - please private message.

Take Care
Ruby x

Hi Emma
I had my DIEP flap done by a PS who works at the Royal Free. I have BUPA so mine was done at one of their private hospitals (although I ended up having to pay for some of it!). If you are happy with the surgeon you have seen and he has been recommended, would it not be better to wait for a few months for the op? If you are not happy to wait, I would ask the breast care nurse if you can be put in contact with some previous patients who have had the surgery done, so you can talk to them and perhaps see his work, if they are happy for you to do that. I arranged to see a previous patient of my PS before I had my op and he also showed me some photographs and was recommended by my breast cancer surgeon. Carole

Hi, I also had a DIEP recon at Royal Free four years ago, my surgeon was Patrict Mallucci, he did a fantastic job, I wonder why your having a tram instead of a DIEP, there is lest risk of problems with your tummy wall with a DIEP.

Hope all goes well.