Tram flap/diep reconstruction

Tram flap/diep reconstruction

Tram flap/diep reconstruction Newly diagnosed with DCIS in one breast. Offered bilateral mastectomy as first option owing to family history, mother, sister, aunt and paternal aunt. Awaiting results of genetic testing. Had lumpectomy and luckily got clear margins, some low grade some medium. Bad time for major surgery but plan to have main op later in summer. Surgeon highly recommended and apparently the op they are suggesting is tram flap. Obviously tummy tuck sounds good but my sister had this done and has had numerous problems. She is recommending I go for implants alone. I have been told my surgeon does not recommend implants alone as she does not think the results are good. The DIEP reconstruction sounds better as less impact on tummy muscles but she does not do this. I have also smoked for a numer of years 10-15 per day until eariler this year so not sure whether an option. Can anyone offer advice and does anyone know of someone who does DIEP reconstruction near West Midlands

Hi Joanne,
Sorry about your diagnosis, but glad you found this site. I have found it very supportive and helpful since my diagnosis March 06.
I had a delayed reconstruction done on April 16th this year, I had a diep with reduction of other breast at the same time. I know that there are risks and complications with this surgery and you need to be aware of these but I have had a trouble free recovery. It is now 6 weeks since the op, my wounds have healed very well, the results whilst still a work in progress are so far very good and I am almost back to normal activity.
I’m sorry but I can’t help with a surgeon who does this op in your area but you could look online at the register of plastic reconstructive surgeons. As for the smoking issue, I gave up 4 years ago and only ever smoked socially but my plastic surgeon told me that from a surgery point of view you need to have given up for at least 3 weeks.
Hope this helps

Hi Joanne
I have also just had a diep recon…3 weeks ago taoday. gives details of where in the country the different recons are performed…i live in Norwich.
Hope that helps

Hi Joanne,
I had TRAM flap done bilaterally nearly 12 months ago now. I’ve been fine and had my op done in the west mids… whereabouts were you going?

Can’t comment on the DIEP, my surgeon did not offer that to me… but I’m very happy with the results of the TRAM, I’ve also just had my nipples reconstructed with the same surgeon, I’m pleased with them too.

Hope you get it all sorted.

Take care,
Lynne x

Hi there

I also had a tram flap 3 months ago and everyone is envious of my flat tummy. The Op was a breeze and I had no pain after and was up and about walking in no time, although i could of done alot more at home i did milk it for a while, being waiting on is great. Everything has healed wonderfully and there has been no infections or fluid build up, if you can get a plastic surgeon thats been recommended then I really believe that this is the best op around.

Anyway good luck with your decision.


Tram flap I had immediate tram flap 6 mths ago, and I was worried about the recovery but it was not as bad as I had built myself up for.
I am really pleased with the result, although I have got ‘fat necrosis’
now but the surgeon said he will deal with it when I have my nipple recon, which is after my chemo in August.

What ever you decide make sure it’s your choice, it’s you who has to deal with it and look at yourself.

Good Luck.

Many thanks for all your replies - food for thought.

I have now met the plastic surgeon and really liked her. I have been recommended to have the tram rather than the DIEP as is takes less time and is less risky. Have decided to go with this and I am happy that I have actually reached a firm decision. Just waiting for dates now.

Hi Joanne,
I noticed that you were in the Solihull area, just wondered is it Miss Kat that is your surgeon? If so, she did my TRAM, I think she is wonderful. I have been in contact with a couple of her patients, and also met one before I had my op, it made me feel so much better.

Good luck,

Lynne x

Yes it is Miss Kat, she seemed very nice and came highly recommended. It is still nice to know someone else who has been to her. Thanks again.

DIEP reconstruction Hi Joanne,

I was diagnosed in Feb this year and had lumpectomy in March. Sentinel node biopsy showed no spread to lymph nodes but more detailed pathology showed that I basically had a ‘bad boob’ with precancerous cells. I had a mastectomy with immediate DIEP reconstruction 7 weeks ago and have returned to work today.

My consultant recommended the DIEP as your own tissue gives you a much better look than implants alone. She - the amazing Elaine Sassoon in Norwich - has done an fantastic job and I can wear a bikini top without anyone knowing what I’ve had done. The op was long - 8 and a half hours, as I had a double DIEP and a small implant behind the my own tissue, plus she found I had a hernia that I didn’t know I had! - and initially I was in a lot of pain, but it was definitely worth it. I too smoked for a number of years until three years ago, but was also an occasional ‘social’ smoker up until the beginning of this year. I’ve had no trouble with my recovery or stitches and would have no hesitation in recommending the op to anyone. The only thing I would suggest is moving to Norwich!

I hope your operation goes well

Sally xx