tram flaps

Hi - This is my first post - I was dx last week with DCIS after a routine mammogram showed up microcalcifications in both breasts. I had ultra sound then stereotactic core biopsy which showed DCIS. Then I had 2 more biopsies and was told yesterday there is high grade DCIS in one breast and a fibroadenoma in the left. I have to have a mastectomy but the good news is I will probably not need radiotherapy or chemo unless the path report after op is bad news. I have opted to have a tram flap recon but have been warned that although the PS thinks this will give me the best chance of a good looking result the risk of it failing is 1/20. I know it has a slow recovery rate but after the trauma of the last 2 weeks that seems minor just now! Now having read other comments I am worried that they are completely ignoring the other side as it is ‘benign’. It has helped me a lot to read the discussions.