TRAM reconstruction- what was it like?

Rather disappointed nobody replied to my other thread.
Have been reading heaps about DIEP but very little about TRAM. I wonder why. Has anybody gone through a TRAM reconstruction? I should love to know of your experiences and results. Please. Have to make decision soon and really torn.

Hi Lilymole

I’m sorry no one has replied to your post yet.  I hope someone will see it soon and come along to help.  Meanwhile I found an old thread,( but someone did contribute to it this month).  I hope you might find some information there which helpls.  Here’s the link:

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there is a similar post on page 2 of surgery forum - has 19 replies so hopefully some of them may be of some help to you. Also the Macmillan page has links to each kind of surgery and the pros and cons of each . Hope this helps

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Hi lily .yes tram isn’t as popular as diep .tram removes muscle as well as fat so your abdomen would be affected more I,e,muscle strength.I am having a diep next week.I reasearched loads and loads I’ve sent you a private message with my contact number on too many things to write your welcome to contact me ,I was in same dilemma as you until I decided amanda