trastuzumab long term se

I have been finished with her cep tin since 2010 I didn’t finish my final three treatments because of neutropenia. I found my FECD was a lot easier than her cep tin I wished that Canada would have given her cep tin like they did in Sweden They found nine weeks was enough. When I questioned my Onc about the Swedish trials he said the trial wasn’t large enough but I really wish I had stopped. at that point . I often wonder about all the new treatments using mAB’s. I still have so many se I am so tired of them. Back then throw once would tell me that they never heard of side effects and I felt like a complainer. But now I know that I was not a whose. I just take everyday as well as possible, but having huge rock hard stomach is something I still can’t accept. No weight gain any where else but the mid section. But was stage 4 and I’m alive.

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