travel insurance ..5 years on

Does anyone know if anything changes after 5 years clear regarding travel insurance or are we still classed as high risk etc etc.
I am currently with miaonline and although expensive , I am covered for BC.

Depending on your diagnosis and insurer it sometimes goes back to normal after two years… I was with ‘getmy’ and my family insurance for a year was really cheap can’t remember how much… Unfortunately had a second primary abd then a recurrence since then but I had no nodes and low grade cancervand was only on yrly check ups and the nodes and check up frequency seems to be the thing that reduces the amount and the fact it was to year since diagnosis.

Best to shop around though as they are probably all a little different…
Lulu xx


Try Insurepink, I am 8 years down the road and have used them probably about 5 years and have only paid about £20 for a week in Europe, they are very good. I think they were set up by a lady who had cancer and realised that we were being overcharged for our travel insurance(think thats right)