travel insurance again!

I know this subject comes up again and again, but i have just spent an incredibly frustrating morning trying to get cover for anywhere. I have secondaries in my lungs, and despite insurewith covering me in April, they no longer will, even though I am better than I was then. I have tried insurepink, bromley, freedom, able2travel, all clear and insure cancer, none of whom will touch me. My secondaries are stable, but at the moment I feel like a complete second class citizen.
Thanks for any info that might help.

Have you tried Mia online Nicky ? Not sure if they cover certain parts of America…

Julie x

Miaonline will usually cover those of us with mets. Not cheap but then the only option is to go without cover isn’t it? Depends on the mets and where you are going from what I gather. I must ring them today too to sort ours!

Good luck and happy hols.

Liz x

Hi Nicky,

A few of us have managed to get cover with Columbus Direct when we couldn’t get it anywhere else. I’ll send you a pm with the web link.

Good luck,

Jan xx

I got cover with Freespirit - not cheap but cheaper tha insured with - and have secondaries in bones lungs and liver.

Hope this helps and you get sorted out. I rang 9 companies only 2 of which would give me a quote. It was extremely dispiriting. Mia Online would have insured me they said if I had been going to France or Spain rather than Cyprus which is apparently half the problem!

Hi Everyone, I’ve just had a two week cruise round the med and was covered by miaonline, although you have to ring them! It was £71.00 for the fortnight which I thought was pretty reasonable and that covered absolutely everything including repatriation if necessary. I have a list of companies which I can post on here if you wish.

Take care and hope everyone is well today. Lots of love, Dianne x x x