Travel Insurance excempting BC

Hi folks,


I’ve discovered today that my current insurer will no longer cover other than mainland Europe, it is Eurotunnel. My next holiday is Maderia so thats the end of that policy. 


I had wanted annual for a couple. Last yr with Eurotunnel it cost £77. Unfortunatly, so far the only company that will insure me is Insurecancer, and it will be many hundreds! I am really well, and happy not to include the cancer myself, but need cover for luggage, delays etc.


With Eurotunnel I had pre existing illnesses excempt, and no medical questions asked. I just had to declare I wouldn’t claim for these/this. 


Do any of you know of any other companys that will insure me excluding my cancer? I have mets, but recent scan showed no evidence of bone lesion and lung one massively reduced! This is so brilliant, but as I’m still classed as terminal, these companies are being black and white! Thanks in Advance.



Hi Imac,


I was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2017 and I have an Annual worldwide multi trip policy with Columbus Direct. They have been informed of my diagnosis and they just said I will not be covered for pre existing conditions. I have since had two renewals through and it did not alter my premiums.


I hope this helps





Hi Optimistic

Thanks for this tip. I’ll give them a go. I now have secondaries and this has been the stumbling blocks today. All are classing me as terminal and so won’t cover me, even though I’m really well!

Imac x

I also have secondaries and had a Eurotunnel annual policy, went to Majorca in September covered by MIA. It cost £192 for a week for me & my husband. They do not class you as terminal unless of course you have been actually told this by your oncologist. All they needed was for my onc to note in my records that she considered me able to undertake the trip. They asked me for a history of my treatment, am currently on 18 weeks of paclitaxel. Give them a try, they were really helpful.
Helen x

Hi IMac, there is a long running thread in the secondaries section on travel insurance. However, Boots is my favourite as they know all diagnosis and pills and potions. They do differentiate between terminal and palliative, but it is best to phone them as the web site has some difficult language. My friend, with secondary BC in eye (!) is in the US as we speak for £245. Excellent news. X

Thanks Helen. That’s a useful tip, but so much more money than my current eurotunnel one. I don’t even want or need to be covered for the cancer, I’m doing really well. I’m going to speak to the oncology nursing team on Thurs. See if I am classed as terminal. I’m pretty sure I am as can’t be cured. Thanks anyway.

Thanks Annie

Hi Bibi,
I also have travel insurance with my bank & initially on contacting them, I excluded bc, as we were only going for a week to Menorca.
When going long haul, In view of the blood clot risk with tamox, I contacted them again to put bc on again as a risk & was charged an excess for bc cover which I accepted.
We do travel quite a bit, so I’m happy with the annual worldwide cover provided by the bank.
ann x

I hate that word terminal. I think most Oncologists use chronic now. Try that with travel insurers. We have a travel pool icy with our bank HSBC and they will insure us but if anything happens in relation to the secondaries then that is excluded. I’m happy with that and we are planning holidays for next year as long as pandemic doesn’t stop up!!! Take care and good luck xxx