Travel insurance help please!

We are leaving tomorrow for a week in Italy, with my children. I have tried several travel insurances, group or individual ones, but as soon as I answer “yes” to the question “have you ever been treated for…or cancer” they tell me they CAN’T insure me, despite the fact that they SPECIFY they do not cover pre existing medical conditions.
I obviously do not want to be covered for that, but the only opt out options are treating with them directly, over the telephone. For many reasons I prefer to do it online.
Thanks a lot!
Not tried them myself, but would certainly try.

Hi, I have used the website to get my travel insurance. I got cover for myself and 2 children going to Majorca for a week for under £40-and didn’t have to make a single phone call. I finished treatment in December chemo,wle and rads, I also used a company for travel insurance in February. Have a good holiday

MIA Online - the best by far!
have a good Hol!!

Sadie Xx


I’m using insurepink. They were very helpful on the phone and I’ve got insurance for £48 for 2 weeks in Greece for me and my family.

Have a good one! I Will!!!


InsurePink are very good and reasonably priced. they covered me while i was still on Herceptin and I’ve now used them several times.