Travel insurance multi trip

I wondered if anyone had found a company that will provide annual travel insurance or multi trip insurance. I am 41/2 years down the line and still struggling to find reasonable insurance.

I think there’s a few who will do an annual policy - your best bet is to phone around and speak to them directly. I’m just about to start doing this too…


insurepink would be a good place to start, but do check standard insurers too as you may be surprised… LV are supposed to be quite good.

Try Eurotunnel.  You only need to state that you are fit to travel and not terminal.  You don’t need to be travelling with them.  I’m not sure if it is only European cover or not, as obviously it came about through travel to Europe through the tunnel. You will need to ring them up - you can only do it online if it is part of a tunnel booking. 


I used them when we went to Iceland earlier ths year.  I had tried Sainsburys - thinking naively that being over 5 years on they would no longer load the premium.  Their basic premium was £25 but as soon as I put in breast cancer it shot up to £75.  Eurotunnel charged us £29