Travel Insurance - tel no


Does anyone out there have the telephone number, and maybe a contact name, for Aberdeen please?

Thank you

It’s 01472 826672

Sorry don’t have a name but the lady I spoke to was really helpful

Sharon x

I tried a web search for this company and found nothing. What kind of financial organisation doesn’t have a website? It doesn’t inspire confidence.

I went to the Financial Services Authority website and found two possible matches:

Aberdeen Insurance Services Post Code AB10 1YB
Aberdeen Insurance Services Post Code DN37 0LU

Both were described as “Appointed Representatives” which means that they only sell the products of one insurance company. You might prefer to use a proper insurance broker who can get quotes from several insurance companies.

I would never use an Appointed Representative. If I liked the insurance company they represented and found the rate to be competitive, I’d rather go to them directly.


Whilst I would normally do what you do, get a number of quotes, as you are aware we have limited options for travel insurance. I was quoted £55 for an annual worldwide policy from Aberdeen (AIS) which is a very comprehensive coverage. There is a £500 excess for bc only but other than that it is better cover and around about the same price as I got last year when I didn’t have bc having done a full search.

Insure Pink didn’t want to know me, despite being a company set up to provide cover for people with bc because I am still under treatment and will not have finished by at least2 months on the date I want to travel

Sharon x

Hello both

Thank you, I will try them next.

Sharon - you’ll be pleased to hear that a year after end of treatment (I hope!) that premiums are less than half of what they were when I went to South Africa between CT and RT.

Holey - haven’t the time or energy to go through a broker and to be honest I don’t think there’d be a huge difference in price.

I’ll report back if I get a bargain …

Thanks again for your time and trouble, both.

All the best


Can you tell us which insurance company Aberdeen Insurance Services represents please? If the quote was good, I would consider going directly to the insurance company. I would feel a lot safer getting questions about the scope of cover answered directly by the insurance company’s staff, than relayed through a third party.

For those like me with secondaries, a true broking service might be better. If you get quoted special terms by one insurer, you are then obliged to declare it when making other proposals. To date, I’ve just accepted a “pre existing conditions” exclusion to get ordinary rates.




The policy is issued and underwriten by Arch Insurance Europe Limited and is authorised by the FSA. The policy is called the AIS Direct Limited Travel Insurance Policy

On the key facts sheet, it says that for advice or recommendation on what cover you need you can call them on 08702 400143

Hope that helps
Sharon x


WHen I went to canada in the summer I was still undergoing treatment and noone would insure me so I just went for bog standard insurance and ticked the box on the online form saying I was happy the insurance would not cover a pre existing condition. I figured I was more likely to lose luggage or break a bone than anything else. It cost £33 for 10 days cover

Love Ruth

I think it comes back to the same old question ‘are you going to get ill with breast cancer whilst on holiday’ and for the vast majority of primary b.c. ladies they’re not so it’s cheaper to declare that you have a pre-existing medical condition but that you don’t want it covered. I used to do this up until 3 years ago when I was diagnosed with secondaries and then it’s a completely different ball game as a lot of them won’t touch you.

I’ve found Freedom, Freespirir and miaonline all good for those with secondaries (especially mia as I’m back on chemo).

Unfortunately I have to have cover for my secondaries as it’s too big a risk if I was to fall, etc.

There are a few good companies around - it’s just knowing who they are!!


Thought I’d let you know how I just got on. We’re going skiing in Feb so I need a weeks’ winter sports policy for the family (me, husband & three teenagers).

First I tried Age Concern - recommended to me by a friend 7 years on from BC, she gets an annual worldwide family policy for £140. They refused me (dx Feb, mast, chemo, just finished rads, now on tamoxifen & herceptin) but referred me to Free Spirit Travel Insurance. They quoted £326 just for me. I then tried Aberdeen, spoke to someone called Amy and I now have a policy for all five of us for £54.44, with no extra excess re BC. The kids were free (the oldest is 18, but qualifies for free as she is still at school). Amy said that their under-writer’s policy is that BC is a slow moving disease (unlike, say, heart problems) so it’s very unlikely that i would need to call on the insurance due to the BC. How great to find an enlightened insurance company!

thanks all just got the cheapest ever insurance from Aberdeen the lady was so nice no lists of Q’s that make you feel at deaths door [I m not just have stable liver mets!] I opted for an excess of £500 as I am really well and have no effect from the mets or trial drug Omnitarg[similar to herceptin] just £13 Including all my cancer would have only cost £65 .I was quoted £700 last year when I was just post BC !
IMPORTANT FACT ABERDEEN ARE LOOSING THIS POLICY IN March !!! the nice lady said thanks again Jan

Hi Jan

When you say that Aberdeen are losing this policy in March does that mean that they won’t be able to offer us with secondaries a policy anymore?

I’m in the process of updating our website for our support group and if they’re not able to offer this any more I’ll take them off plus I’ve told the matron of our cancer ward plus the breast care nurses about them!


Would love more information on what’s happening to Aberdeen. I had been rather hoping to use them for post chemo possibily USA holiday in May.

I have noticed on the past that when a particular company gets known for having a good cancer policy news spreads and before you know it the policy doesn’t exiist any more. The only company I have found to be consistent is Freedom.

Anyone got the low down on Aberdeen?


I went to New York in December and took out my insurance with Aberdeen= 35 pound apprx with 500 pound excess for BC.
My friend also got covered by them for gastric band surgery- other companies would not touch her

I’d also like to know whether Aberdeen are still going to offer policies to us secondary people.

Like Jane, would like to know if anyone has any more info on it??


Just posted this somewhere else on another thread… I spoke to Aberdeen Insurance today - a very helpful girl, who said she gets a lot of enquiries initiated from this site!! Anyway, evidently the company that underwrite this policy are supposed to be withdrawing it from March. Anyone who already has their policy before then, will obviously still be covered for the full term, but it may not be available to new customers… She said she’d told her bosses how much custom comes from people who have had bc and as supply is affected by the demand, hoped they might change their minds… There’s a standard £500 excess for anything related to bc, and slightly more if the initial diagnosis is less than a year ago… which mine is - I had surgery, chemo and finish rads next week.