travel insurance to Australia

Hi everyone, Ive just booked flights to Oz for the summer next year. can anyone recommend a travel insurance policy to cover me and my family for the month. We are arranging flights, accommodation all separately. I was diagnosed last year. Many tahnks Ness x

Mia online were fab nd covered bc no probs.

Sadie Xx Xx

I used insurepink a few months ago for our 2 week holiday to Florida.I paid £75 for just myself as the rest of the family were covered on our bank account insurance.
Have a fab hol!

Hi there, if you go here: you will find a long thread on travel insurance which may be helpful for you.

Hope you get sorted and have a brill time in Oz.

Hi try I find them really good value.

Have a lovely holiday.

Tess x

One word of warning about insurance. If your family are insured by someone else nd you have to cancell the holiday because of your health the insurance company you are insured with will only repay YOUR holiday costs not the whole family trip. Ok if they want to go without you, but they may not!! I think the only way round it is to insure everyone together.

Sadie Xx Xx