travel insurance with secondaries

Hi - can anyone save me a lot of frustrating phone calls to Insurance Companies?? Looking for travel insurance for Europe and so far two of the companies that say they are for people with cancer have declined to insure me as I have secondary spread to two sites - bones and liver. One is OK apparently but not two regardless of how well you are otherwise! I have just finished a course of chemo and want to fit in a quick trip to Italy or Spain before they say I need more!!


Lots of people speak highly of Miaonline.


Hi Alison,
Have you tried miaonline? They insured me for secondaries in my lungs and lymphatic system last August at just under £45 for 2 weeks in Greece.They were very good on the phone. Apologies if you’ve already tried them. Good luck with it and let us know if you get somewhere.


Hi all
I will definitely check out miaonline. Last year, didn’t have much luck with insurance as I was still seeing onc every month, as well as receiving ongoing hormonal treatment plus companies seemed confused by the fact that I had secondaries at time of BC diagnosis.

This year for a week in France, I’ve been quoted £1300! This was by one of only two companies that would ensure me. The other company would be considerably less but still in hundreds and only with letter from oncologist.

So, I give up! I’m taking my EHIC card and getting cover exluding cancer just for baggage, cancellation etc. Humph!

Anne x

When I was planning a trip to Spain last year (I’ve had bone & liver mets since 2003), MiaOnline quoted me a very reasonable amount (£70-ish) to cover me and my partner for two weeks – including full cover for my BC – as long as we both had EHIC cards. I didn’t go at that time, but might try again this spring.

Also, if anyone with BC mets is interested in going to the States, a firm called “Insurance Choice” (Google it or PM me for link) agreed to cover me & my partner for three weeks in Florida – fully covering everything to do with BC – for £276, which I thought was amazingly good, considering other quotes I’ve had over the last few years for trips to the States with full cover ran into four digits – more than the holiday in some cases! Again, never got there, but good to know we can get this type of cover.
Marilyn x

Wow! I am so impressed with how helpful this thread has been. I thought longer distance trips were out of the question because of the insurance. This gives me so much hope of getting in a few big trips!
The only companies that would touch me on the Macmillan list were Insure Cancer (they will ensure patients who have a lot of problems (I wasn’t too bad a case for them!) but they would have been low hundreds and would need letter from oncologist and another (AllClear I think) who would quote me there and then but quote was huge! I hope I’ve got the names of these companies right. I will check.

Anne xx

Has anyone found someone who will insure you more than 60 days in advance of travel? I want to book a fairly expensive trip to Africa, Mia online are very reasonable - just £105.50 but I can only take out the insurance 2 months before travel. I guess I can probably get away with this as I will just lose the deposit if I cancel before but if anyone knows of anyone who would give cover further in advance I would like to hear of them. Thanks

Thanks Everyone - I went to the hospital this morning and got the go ahead for a holiday, came back and rang Miaonline straight away. Their response was very positive, nothing seemed to be a problem and quoted me £39 for 8 days in Europe which is great. They will certainly get my business just because their approach was so good.

Dont suppose you have the website address or phone number do you?
sounds like just what i need.
thank you or 01268 782745

good luck with it, hope they can give you a quote


OOOH, I am so fed up with travel insurance today. I found MIA very helpful when I had “just” bone and lymph secondaries. It was about fifty quid for us to go to Greece last year. NOw I have liver secondaries and am on xeloda they won’t insure me more than 60 days in advance of travel. Plus, they have quoted me over £200. It makes me wonder whether they know something I don’t???

But really it makes me feel very vulnerable, thinking that things CAN change very quickly and lost when it comes to booking a holiday. We want to take a family holiday to Portugal in late August and have found a number of privately owned villas that look lovely. Our choice over which to book rests on which one will take the lowest deposit, knowing that we may have to lose that deposit if we have to cancel nearer the date. But we won’t be able to book flights till later because I know if we had to cancel and had no insurance we stand to lose almost a thousand quid.

I just want to be “normal” again!!!

Hi Deirdre

That’s slightly odd (as well as b??** annoying) as Mia gave me a very reasonable quote (about £70) for the 2 of us when we went to Gran Canaria last month. Was still on xeloda then though admittedly my last scan had been NED in the liver. I think I was told as well that they wouldn’t insure me more than 60 days in advance.

No real answers as to what to do about it though - I think I have just resigned myself to not being able to plan anything more than a few weeks in advance.

Hope you get something sorted. Kayxx

Hi Deirdre
I have been ambitiously trying the get insurance for the USA having now got secondaries. The 1st quote from one of the other companies mentioned on here was through the roof - more than the holiday itself. However, by telling Mia that I was going within the next 60 days I got a quote for just over £100. This was to test the waters so to speak as I’m not booking anything until I know if I can get insured. Again, my bone mets are stable and I’m not on any hospital treatment, however this is the States we’re talking about! They (Mia) definitely stick to the 60 days for the best (only?) quotes so if you had asked for a date beyond that maybe that’s why it was so high? The last 2 times I’ve gone to Europe (quick breaks not the luxury of long holidays!) I just used my EHIC card to cover me for health reasons and my bank account covers me with ‘free’ travel insurance for the other bits such as delays/cancellations/baggage. Don’t know if this an option for you or whether the whole holiday would have to be cancelled if you had any BC related problems? Hope you can get it sorted I think we all need nice things like family holidays to help us with this bl**dy awful disease.
Nicky x

Hi all, I don’t have secondaries, but am still having chemo and rad, MIA quoted me £211 for couple going on Caribbean cruise in Nov, they didn’t mention anything about 60 days, 2 other companies wouldn’t even quote till 3 months after chemo finishes by which time we will have paid out in full.

I have just got insurance for Caribbean and USA with Insure pink - I too am going to the Caribbean on a cruise and the costs for that was £130 for 18 days, buit the cost for 10 days in Europe was only ££30.

They deal specifically with people with cancer and I had to telephone to get a quote. They also understand abot secondaries etc so a good company.

0800 022 3213 between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 1pm Saturday

Well, I went ahead and booked the holiday I wanted without insurance. We go on 22nd August and Mia won’t even talk to me about insurance until 23rd June. I decided to take the risk and book it anyway, otherwise nothing would be available!.

I did contact the Insure Pink people but they only insure secondaries ladies who have just one site of secondary spread. Since I now have several areas (bones, lymph and liver) I am off their radar. I also spoke to a really helpful man at a company called Insure Cancer who also said they wouldn’t insure me till nearer the time of departure but gave me good advice about timing my capecitabine so that I was on my “off” week while I was away. I hadn’t thought about that, but he said that it was best to be on hols when my immune system was less compromised.

It’s a bit silly really. I feel great right now and can’t foresee that in four weeks time I will be so ill that I won’t get insurance. But I guess I do sound like a big risk when I tell them I have mets to lots of sites AND I am on chemo. But will sitting around a pool in Portugal really pose a huge risk? I felt far more vulnerable last year going to Greece with a hole in my chest where my port wound hadn’t healed and a bag full of antibiotics!

Ho hum. These subtle inconviences are what make the life of a cancer patient so frustrating!


Hi Deirdre

Hurrah for booking a holiday. It’s so hard to think far in advance when you’re used to living life a day at a time.Yet it’s nice to have something to look forward to and fixate upon. I guess we just have to take a leap of faith and keep our noses clean in the run up. I have bordered on the obsessive this past month!

I don’t think there’s any risk lounging around the pool in Portugal unless you slip on your “unsuitable” wedges. And it’s not because you have multiple mets that’s a problem, it’s just that underwriters take a slighly different view when we are having treatment, as opposed to when we’re on a chemo break - they think there is a higher risk of chemo complications that could require a hospital visit. Fortunately Capecitabine isn’t like Tax or others where your bone marrow gets hammered and there’s more risk of hospitalisation.

I think you’re just going to have to do some more gormless shopping to while away the time…


Hi Deirdre

I too have booked my holiday already for August as have to go school hols now unfortunately. I have to ring Mia Online back on 13 June to get my insurance, which is £69 for 2 weeks, as will only do 2 months ahead of departure date. But hey ho, as you say, if dont do it, then nothing good will be left. We are going to Turkey for 2 weeks in mid August - cant wait.

Hope you have a fab holiday and everyone else to who has booked or is going away.

Take care

I have recently been dx with bone secondaries and had paid for insurance with insurepink prior to this. They will now no longer cover me for anything bc related and have given me the option of cancelling the holiday or having a refund of half the premium paid.
I want to go on holiday so cancelling isn’t an option but think its a bit mean they will on refund half the premium, i understand thjat they will be some admin costs but surely not £150 worth.

I have now got insurance with Mia, wont cover me for cancellation because of my recent dx but have covered me for everything bc related. £150 for three weeks in the states.

Take care all


It would be great to know exactly how they decide on this, having been told last time I called Miaonline that they would insure me 60 days before travel now they won’t insure me because my last scan did not show stability. They “might” insure me after my next scan if it is good - talk about covering your backside.

Anyone got any other companies that will give cover?