Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance I was diagnosed with BC in January and have got through all the treatment, which ended in July. I am going to New York for a long weekend and needed travel insurance. And I would like to share my findings with everyone. I got quotes ranging from £112 - £483 and refuse to be labelled as a high risk. So I went direct to AXA and got them to tailor make my travel insurance so they do not cover me for any pre-existing medical condition and wait for £18.00. I think I have been hard done by enough having had BC let alone being ripped off by insurance companies.

Anyway that’s an extra £465.00 shopping money. Yeppeeeeee

Sadie x

hi, I just wanted to thank you for sharing that info. I to was diagnosed in feb and had a horrible year, thinking that maybe after this xmas is over I would treat myself to a nice hol somewhere warm. The thought of havig to pay hundreds has been putting me off so I shall be getting in touch with axa. thank you

I went to Sicily for a week in mid October and having been diagnosed with BC only three months before most of the insurance companies gave me very high quotes but a friend recommeded Direct Travel and I got cover, providing I accepted no cover for pre-existing conditions, for £18.75 which I didn’t think was bad.
Their tel no. 08456052500

Another company I found a great insurance for people 3 months out of treatment which didn’t charge ANY additional premiums to cover bc. No nasty questions (I had nodal involement) that usually scuppered my attempts with other ones. A week in Egypt last year cost me £17 and could have been cheaper if I had excluded baggage and cancellation.

It was Compass Countrywide using Fortis Insurance and I obtained it using Marrs (

Do give them a try as well, lots of people have had very good quotes from them and I hate being exploited for having bc.

Good luck and happy travelling.


Marrs …i took Roberta’s advice a while ago after having horendous quotes for 4 nights in lapland…they started at £900!!!..wwnt down with other companies to £125 for both my husband and i…then got it for £25.30 for both of us through Marrs…i even got my son’s through them for New York…£38.00…other quotes around £50 plus.