Hi, new to this site but we tried to get travel insurance for Antigua,we found it would be £900 but after reading a magazine we found a company called insure pink, insured both myself,husband and 2yr old for about £300.

Hi, I’m new to the site too! I was diagnosed in Nov 2005 - I’ve not had any trouble getting travel insurance, and have not had to pay any more but breast cancer does have to go down as an exclusion on my policy. That’s ok for me now as I’m well and if anything does come back it’s unlikely to debilitate me during a two week holiday. But that’s how we’ve done it from the start and unless you’re actually going through some severe treatment when you go away I think an exclusion is fine.

Hope that helps.

Thats OK to do that as long as you realise if you do have any problems crop up due to BC before you travel and have to cancel a holiday you will not be covered.
For Europe I might take a chance with the European Health card but not the States just incase,you never know when an infection could cause a problem with your arm and the risk of Lymphoedema.
I should have been landing in Rhodes this afternoon…bl**dy BC!


Hi Dot,

Very true - sometimes I think chemo turned my brain to sponge permanantly! Although we always tend to book holidays last minute which is probably why my husband takes a chance on it - but I will think it through again now! I tend to think that as time goes by I think I’ll escape lymphoedema, but I must not become complacent.

Hope you’re ok - sorry you couldn’t get to Rhodes and some sunshine!


We are hoping to get some winter sunshine instead in the Canaries.I am on the way to recovery after surgery in July but was afraid to go away and was not sure what treatment I would need so cancelled the holiday before we had to pay the balance.Just waiting to see if I can get any of the deposit back from my insurance.
I do like regular holidays!


Hi jillj,
I am trying to arrange insurance I went on the insure pink web site in the small print it suggest I would not be covered because of the preexisting cancer and that you need to ring their advice line etc, did you have to do this etc.

Hi Ruth

We had to ring them and they were very helpful, the lady who started the insurance firm also had bc and understands the problems. We would deffinitly use them again.

Hope it works for you.


I was the same as IceMum. I had primary b.c. in 1995 and apart from the first year following my surgery, chemo, rads etc I always had the exclusion on breast cancer as what would go wrong in that period of time??? Unless you have other problems not related to b.c. I don’t think you necessarily need to be covered for primary b.c. If you’re waiting for results though that’s a different matter.

I now have secondaries and it is completely different and need to be covered because of the involvement with my spine. InsurePink will not insure me as you need to be out of treatment for a certain amount of time (reality is with secondaries you’re not!) plus they will only cover you if it’s spread to one place (again, unrealistic for most of us secondary ladies!). Mia have been by far the best company to be insured with (although they don’t cover USA) - if people want to be covered you can google them as miaonline.