travel insurance

Hi everyone.

Just wanted to let everyone know that I have just been quoted £39.50 for a week in Tenerife by Miaonline 01268782745 which i think is fantastic as everywhere else I tried wouldnt cover me for my secondries.


Yep, I used them too for my trip to Greece. They will cover you for a reasonable price for anywhere where there are reciprocal agreements re medical treatment. Checked last night, and they cover Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, Barbados, Israel and the Azores as well as mainland Europe. They don’t cover the States, sadly, but they say they are working on this.

I was so relieved to find an insurance company that would cover me with my secondaries.



I’ve read on previous posts that Miaonline offer reasonable travel insurance to the areas that Deirdre mentions but does anyone know of a company offering insurance for us mets girls if we go to USA?

Enjoy you holiday Maddison.


Hi Nicky, Deirdre & Maddison

I’ve also found Miaonline caters well (and relatively cheaply) for us BC mets girls, but yes, they only insure for travel to the countries where they’ve been able to arrange subsidised and/or reasonably-priced health care provision, and that’s a bit of a mixed bag. I’m hoping to go to the States for a couple of weeks at some point this winter, so I have looked at another specialist insurance website (recommended on Cancerbackup’s list), which lists a number of examples where they’ve insured people with mets visiting the States, but it doesn’t list the prices for those policies – would probably depend on individual circumstances. This company used to be called “Medi Travelcover Ltd” – probably worth a phone call.

Marilyn x