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Anyone know of an insurance company that will insurance cancer patients ? I seem to read that if you have cancer, then they can’t cover you for travel insurance - can anyone help ?


Re Travel Insurance There s a thread on the After treatment has finished forum at the moment where there names of a few insurance company’s…hope that might be o some help sue.


try Macmillan nurses The local Macmillan nursing service has a leaflet with a list of several travel insurance companies, and the different circumstances they are prepared to insure you for

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Travel insurance Hi Sue

Below is a link to a Breast Cancer Care publication on breast cancer and travel insurance that you may find helpful.

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Breast Cancer Care

Unison insurance covered me for trips to India and to New Zealand. The NZ trip was about a year after diagnosis and I paid about £60 for a month’s cover including breast cancer.

I went for 2 weeks to India for a small sum, I think it was about £30 again including bc


Frizzell’s seem to be linked so you could try them

Bradford and Bingley Hi,

I rang several companies in September before I finished chemo. Someone on this site recommended Bradford and Bingley and I got annual cover for myself and my husband for only £70.00 ( travel in Europe only ).

The other companies I contacted would not quote whilst I was still having treatment. When I told them I would be having herceptin after chemo there was a mixed response as to whether this constituted “treatment”.

My cover with B & B excludes anything relating to breast cancer but it is quite normal to exclude pre existing conditions. I have had rheumatoid arthiritis for 30 years and this has always been excluded on my travel insurance.

We had a wonderful break in Majorca in September and went away for 2 weeks at Xmas to Tenerife. Persevere with the insurance companies. You will get cover and the holidays will do you the world of good.

Best of luck.

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