TRAVEL INSURANCE I posted details on this in the treatments forum, but thought it might be of interested to copy it here as well.

I found a great insurance for people 3 months out of treatment which didn’t charge ANY additional premiums to cover bc. No nasty questions that usually scuppered my attempts with other ones. A week in Egypt cost me £17 and could have been cheaper if I had excluded baggage and cancellation.

It was Compass Countrywide using Fortis Insurance and I obtained it using Marrs (

For reference, I have included the screening questions and my answers below:

Are you awaiting or receiving treatment as a hospital patient or are you currently undergoing or awaiting diagnostic tests, test results or non routine hospital consultations?
Have you been admitted to hospital as an inpatient within the last 2 years?
Have you been treated as an in-patient within the last 3 months?
Have you been seen by a consultant, as an out-patient, within the last 12 months?
How many claims, if any, have you made under a travel insurance policy as a result of this condition within the last 2 years?
Have you been treated with Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy within the last 3 months?
NO -
Has the primary cancer metastised (spread) to any other site?
If yes, does this currently involve more than one site?
How long did the metastasis occur after the initial diagnosis?
(A) at the same time (B) within 2 years (C) more than 2 years
Has there been any local recurrence?
Have you undergone surgery for this condition?
If yes, was the surgery carried out (A) Less than 1 year, (B) 1-5 years, (C) 6-10 years, or (D) over 10 years?
Are you on any prescribed medication for your condition?
YES (Arimidex)
How often is your condition reviewed?
(A) Monthly, (B) Quarterly, (C) 6 Monthly, (D) Annually, or (E) No longer reviewed
Have you been advised that your condition is currently active and progressive or that it is too far advanced for effective treatment?
Have you been given a terminal prognosis?

Happy travelling!

Query I was just thinking about holidays and insurance this morning.

As you know I’ve always used Freedonm Travel.

I was told by Freedom and by a couple of other providers that the answer to the question:

Has the primary cancer metastised (spread) to any other site?

should be YES if you have spread to lymph nodes (as I do and I know you do.) Did you ever check this out?

If in fact your insurers are not counting lymph nodes as spread then yes this a fantastic deal. Let us know.

Best wishes


Not sure? Jane,

I’m not sure on the nodal involvement being clasified as metasised, though I would have thought that the questioning would have clarified this (although I can’t be certain).
I suppose it’s possible that I wasn’t actually covered.

I am probably getting some further insurance soon and will check up on this point.

I’ll keep you posted.


Hi My mum lives in Spain and I`ll need insurance while still right in the middle of my treatment (after chemo and before rads)
If anyone has a recomendation for a good insurance while still in treatment, Id be most grateful;-))


— Hi there, I finished radiotherapy in November and used Freedom insurance for a trip to Lanzarote in Oct a month after finishing chemo and before radiotherapy and paid apprx £80 for both my husband and I, so contacted them again this week and have paid £118.00 for a week in Egypt next month. I have no spread and had a WLE last Feb.

Last time the policy covered my husband too, but would have to have paid £160 for both of us this time. We still have cover with Lloyds TSB except for breast cancer, so have paid the Freedom policy for me only this time. I asked why the cost was so inflated and was told it’s because Egypt is classified as the rest of the world, although the USA and Carribean is another story. Will maybe give Marrs a try next time.

STILL GOOD NEWS I am getting insurance for travelling to Thailand, Cambodia and probably Indonesia for approx 28 days and so phoned the Fortis Line again. My answers are the same as before, but this time I specifically clarified the ‘Has the primary cancer metastised’ question and declared that I had nodes involved. I was told that this was NOT consisted as having metastised and so therefore the answer to this question remains as ‘NO’.

I have again been cleared for no extra premium to cover me for breast cancer using this insurance. Hurrah!

Jane, and other ‘one year ons’ from treatment, you may even qualify to be insured WITHOUT even going through the screening line as this declaration statement seems to imply that you will be covered. (Google on ‘Countrywide Compass’ will through up a copy of the full insurance cover document which may be of interest). This could open up an annual policy option as well maybe?

As far as I know,the following apply.
a Nobody is waiting for an operation,hospital consultation (other than for regular check ups),or other
hospital treatment or investigations.

b Nobody has received treatment,other than regular medication,in the last 12 months for:
any blood disorder;any psychiatric illness;
any form of cancer,leukaemia or tumour;dialysis treatment;or
a transplant;dementia.

c Nobody has any breathing or heart problem which has needed hospital treatment more than once in the last
12 months.

d Nobody has been seen by a specialist in the last three months (other than for regular check ups)or been
admitted to a hospital overnight.

e Nobody has been given a terminal prognosis by a registered doctor.

f I do not know of any reason (other than medical)why the trip is likely to be cancelled or cut short.

If you,or anyone travelling with you,cannot agree with this declaration when you take out the insurance,
you must phone the Fortis Health Line on 08701 222 038,quoting scheme code CT1 .

I’m very pleased, as I have always thought that some insurance companies can take advantage of our condition and this one doesn’t seem to. For instance, Egypt was regarded and charged as a European destination when I got covered a couple of months ago (must admit this surprised, but pleased me).



Thanks Roberta I contacted Marrs today. I had to ring a health line telephone number who asked me lots of questions and then told me they would agree to me being insured. I rang Marrs and told them and they quoted me £21.80 for 16 days of cover in Egypt. This is after being refused by several companies and quoted over £250 in addition to basic policy by Freedom.

I was told by Marrs that it was through a company who do not think they should penalise people with existing conditions as they were often no more likely to need medical help abroad as other people, particularly as they are being monitored by hospital etc. So if they agree to insure you they do not apply any extra premium.

The healthline asked me if the cancer had spread outside the breast. When i told them it was in my lymphnodes they said as long as the nodes were removed it wasn’t counted as spread.

I am now insuring myself and 6 others for a total of £110!


Fortis I got my insurance for India via Fortis for about £30 and I didn’t claim on it despite food poisoning, a big toenail falling off when I stubbed it, bed bug bites, a close encounter with a cockroach and various other such delights. I also got one mozzie bite but I am still alive and not claiming


Hi Roberta & Others We have just booked the Canada holiday that we had planned to go on last year until I was dx.

Went to Compass and Fortis for annual travel insurance but was told that they would not cover the BC despite my finishing basic treatment last July - now on Arimidex, so not sure why we seem to have a different version here.


just finished treatment I finished rads two weeks ago and am on tamoxifen.

has anyone managed to get travel insurance at a reasonable price when treatment has just finished? I’ve been quoted £223 and £334 for a week in Sicily. And this from two companies who are said to specialise in insurance for pre-existing conditions. Will I have to wait 3 months or more before I can get insured without breaking the bank? I’ve got the Marrs number to try but I’m not sure I hold out much hope.

Challsi I don’t understand. Did you ring them direct or through a broker? I did it by ringing Marrs insurance brokers on 08709202222. They told me to ring a Fortis Healthline who asked me a list of questions which i answered truthfully. As it was over 3 months since i completed treatment in September and although BC had spread to nodes as i’d had the nodes removed it was fine. They said they would cover me for no extra premium and to ring Marrs back to tell them this. Marrs are a bit disorganised and i’ve only just received the quotation in writing - a long story. But they’ve quoted me £21 for 16 days cover. I’m going to Egypt. She got it even cheaper for me by suggesting i get
"family cover " for me , husband and one child under 18 for £49.05! Like you i was diagnosed in March but my cancer was grade 3 with 6/14 nodes so i’d have thought i was a worse risk than you on paper.
Best wishes

I don’t understand either Kelly I spoke to Fortis Healthline, answered all their questions and at the end they told me they were happy to insure me but not for the BC.

Unfortunately this would mean that if I have any sort of problem related to BC before we go away and we end up having to cancel the booking then we will not be covered, and of course so many things could be blamed on the BC… chest infection - brought on by BC etc.

Am wondering if it is because we take out an annual policy rather than a single trip policy

Don’t know, do you reckon we can get them under the DDA :slight_smile: ?


Fortis covered me for breast cancer I’ve just checked my policy for India and it cost about £43, not £30, but it covered for breast cancer and loss of belongings etc


its happened before I’m going to ring Fortis tomorrow and see if I can get cover for a pretend holiday. I have noticed this happening a couple of times before: M and S, and Post Office…both reported by people as being good insurers but then when a few more people have tried suddenly the policy has changed…interesting

Anyway I’ll report back…in the meantime another plug for Freedom Travel who I have found to be the only consistently reliable insurers to cover breast cancer (remember that any insurer will cover you witth bc exclusion.)


Freedom Just to say Freedom insured me for a week in Rhodes in October with an additional premium of about £50 but when i asked for a quote for 2 weeks in Egypt they quoted over £250 additional premium. They said the big jump was because it wasn’t classed as Europe. Tunisia is by the way!

travel insurance I have an annual family worldwide policy with essential travel. This cost £81 with a supplement of £89 to fully cover BC. This was considerably less than any other quotes that I got and I found their medical screening line helpful. Its more than I paid pre BC but to me is worth it as I panic in case I have to cancel a holiday. I found this company thro th BCC website.

Essential Travel -I have just rung them to get a quote for a one week trip to the States in April. I range their Healthline and was told I came up too high to be covered at all for breast cancer. I was diagnosed in Oct 2003 and had spread to lymph nodes…whenever I say this I always seem to go over the top on the points system. They’re at lunch at Marrs…and so I am I…so I will report back later.

They also wouldn’t cover me for an annual policy for breast cancer.

Do the insurance companies know something about my cancer that I don’t???


-I can better that!!! Me Hubby and daughter booked a holiday last go in November, my dx was in August after we had paid everything. Surgeon avised me to cancel or chage the dates which we did…to April this year(with oncs blessing).I have been trying desperatley to get insurance til I found a company called Swintons…they quoted me…WAIT FOR IT…£942!!!..for a holiday which cost me less than £500!!! I am not a shy person so told them to stick it where the sun dont shine…they then told me I would not get it any cheaper, so I am really considering going without any insurance…any one else in this situation??


Morag When I went to Canada last year - almost a year after diagnosis, I was quoted £3,000 for travel insurance from one company! I tried Freedom and a number of others, but couldn’t get anything that I thought was worth paying for. In the end, I went with just normal insurance that didn’t specifically cover bc and thankfully didn’t need it at all.

My GP gave some good advice before I went - she told me to make sure I had enough money in the bank - or an overdraft - to be able to jump on a plane home if anything happened. She said I’d be much happier at home with my own doctors if I needed them.

I don’t understand how the insurance companies can get away with this…