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Wondering if anyone can help me please. I’m just about to have last chemo (tomorrow!!!) and then on to rads in January. I’d really like to book a break away in March and a big holiday to st Lucia in June. Does anyone have any experiences with booking travel insurance?

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There are several companies that cover existing medical conditions, although of course the cost will be high. I used Freedom Insurance when I was undergoing chemo and they covered that. However, I didn’t go for long or as far as you so I’ve no idea what the cost would be.

You can google them and check out their website.

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Having had several ludicrously extortionate quotes, I have found Miaonline to be the most reasonably priced for my travel insurance, covering both my breast cancer diagnosis and hypertension (high blood pressure.)
I got an annual worldwide policy earlier this year for £100, covering all eventualities, including cancellation.

I was diagnosed with bc 7 1/2 years ago ( grade 2,had bilateral mx,right axillary clearance with 2 out of 15 nodes affected, chemo, rads)and have been fortunate to have “no further evidence of disease” so far.
I don’t know if the fact that you are only just finishing treatment may mean that your premium will be higher but I’d certainly recommend giving them a try.

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I finished chemo/rads in August and I’m going on a cruise to the caribbean/ up the Amazon in January. Miaonline gave me a good quote for myself but I’m travelling with my father who is 77 and has heart problems and their quote for him was extortionate. In fairness they said that I would be better to get insurance for both of us through the same company as if one of us had to make a claim and we were insured separately the other company might not pay up. I ended up getting the insurance through Tesco and I’m coverd For BC and asthma and my Dad is covered for his heart.
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I got a good deal with All Clear Insurance Services who also gave a good deal to my neighbour who has a heart condition and asthma.
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I have found Medici Insurance good, both for me and my OH who has multiple conditions! A good friend also recommended All Clear insurance which Anthi mentions below.

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I went online yesterday to check prices and was shocked at how high they were. I phoned my current insurance provider, explined about the breast cancer and got asked for another £11.??. And that is until August. What a result - just shows, you should check with your regular insurance co. first.

I like Pink but they don’y do an annual policy.

check out the other thread on here girls for travel insurance. Bromley travel insurance are far the best I have found, they offer a policy specifically designed for BC ladies.

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