Travel insurance

Can anyone help. My family and I are travelling to Turkey and I’m finding it difficult to get travel insurance. I have secondary breast cancer which was in the brain and lung and is in bone at moment. Thanks for any suggestions.

Hi Robbie,

If you go on the macmillan website they have a whole list of companies to try. I got quotes from loads, finally found “Insure Pink” which were best for me. However, i don’t have secondaries so they may not be so good for that. i think there is also a section on travel insurance on this site.

Good Luck

I got cover from Bromley Insurance - although others with secondaries have been turned down, so I’m wondering if I was a bit of a fluke. I was told I just needed a statement from my onc saying I was fit to travel and didn’t anticipate requiring treatment.



I had a lot of problems trying to get cover because I’m still having treatment. I eventually managed it with Columbus Direct as a result of a recommendation from one of the other ladies on here. It was very reasonable and does cover my existing condition. There were quite a few willing to ensure me but not covering the BC but I didn’t want to take the risk of not being flown home should I need it.

Good luck.

Jan xx

I couldn’t get insurance from Insurepink as I have secondaries and want to travel to Turkey. I had no idea that certain countries were uninsurable for.

Hi Robbie

I went to Turkey in August when I was on capcitabine, and InsurePink was my insurance company - £65 for family of 4 including my bc and liver mets. Very strange how they change for diff people, as Bromley wouldnt touch me. GOod luck, Turkey is fab.



You could try, you may need to give them a call their number is 0845230159.

Good luck I hope you get something.


I’ve just got quotes for a week in Italy (I have extensive bone mets) - insurancewith want just under £40 and All Clear Plus quoted over £2200!! So good luck with Insurancewith!


Hi Robbie
It is strange how people get such differnt quotes. I have l, lung iver bone and skin mets and am going to Cyprus next month. cheapest quoote I have had so far is £400 from Free Spirit - next cheapes was £600 from insure with! Insure Pink, All Clear, Columbus, and Bromley wouldn’t touch me. Mia Online had also been recommended but they wouuldn’t insure me although said if I was going to France or Spain they could cover me for £50. Good luck with your searchfor cover.

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to post their suggestions. I got a great quote from Columbus who declined insuring the breast cancer plus as I call it, but provided cover otherwise. If I get the chance to go away again… I might just go to France! Anyway, that is my horrible job done this week and once again thanks to all for the support. XX