Travel Insurance

Can anybody help me.  I am having trouble getting travel insurance for a 4 day trip to Prague. 

The insurers I have spoken to will, either not insure me or quote a ridiculous price which I am not prepared to pay for such a short triip.

Try Insurancewith. A company set up by someone who has breast cancer. I have had several trips with them and they have charged around £60 for a week including ski insurance as well.

Euro tunnel sounds to good to be true! Do you have to phone them and say you want insurance for a pre existing medical condition?
Do they quote you on the phone?
Do you know anyone who had to make a claim?

Thanks for the reply Nicky. Currently on weekly taxol, just had cycle 4 of 12, scan after 6 and due to go to Sicily for a wedding on 30th Aug, so pending scans showing improvement will certainly give them a ring!
So far I have fared pretty well and always got well priced insurance including that for skiing but since being diagnosed in sept 2010 with stage 4 from the onset this is my first chemo!
Glo xx

We are off to Mallorca for 10nights beginning of July and we got insurance for us both with Insure Pink. It cost us £247.00 for the both of us will full medical cover. I had rediculas qoutes £2300.00 and £1800.00 and numerous quotes that would not touch us.  Good luck and happy hols.



Glo is right, I just got offered 12 months Insurance with Insurewith, Platinum Status too, for £124, Much less than I was expecting…and was the top notch of their policies, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer just under 2 years ago…I was pretty happy with that, am going with them…lol