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I would just like to let you all know I have found a wonderful company that do travel insurance for pre-existing conditions including breast cancer. i have explained that I am still having radiotherapy and was diagnosed in September and they have just coverd me to go to Singapore Australia and Hong Kong for 87 pounds. I have had all the policy details today and I am covered even if I have a need to cancel, hopefully not. So the name is Just Travel and their no is 0800 072 0294. Hope this will be of help to some of you.



Thanks for this, always handy to have another one on the list.

Just called them myself for Oz! At £225 they were nearly twice the price of Pink Insure and I finished treatment almost a year ago.

They are actually Just Insurance Services Ltd., an independent intermediary for Newton Leigh Insurance Services.

Have a bonzer trip … :slight_smile:

Funny that Dahlia because Insure pink wont even touch me until after 4 weeks after I have finished treatment. And that would be too late to book! One company was going to charge me 700 pounds.

Take care


Listen, 13 months ago I was quoted £2K!!!

I got reasonable insurance last year for both of us between chemo and radio from Freedom so it definitely pays to shop around as your circumstances change and you move from one stage to another.

6 months after the end of treament Marks and Sparks wouldn’t entertain me!

It varies such a lot and gets frustrating but people do try to be helpful. Last Oct I had a chap run through the various countries of the world and tell me which was the cheapest to go to in terms of travel insurance and Australia was one of the cheaper ones as long as we didn’t stage through Hong Kong but rather through Dubai. As it happens we’re going through Singapore.

Anyway, enough blathering let’s compare Oz notes on our return in the new year.


Aberdeen (AIS) insured my for £55 for an annual policy before I started rads and herceptin. They asked where I was going but it was irrelevant as it is a worldwide policy including USA

I too am off to Oz on 15th December, 5 days after I finish rads. My sister and her family have offered to be my slave for three weeks which is just what I need now. It will be exactly 7 months after my treatment began.

Can’t wait!!

Sharon x

Try Freedom Travel Insurance 087077 43760

Hi all

Just check the small print is what I’d caution. I have a pile of quotes here and some only give £3k for cancellation and we have paid more than that hence my going with Fortis again.

Also, I always check the cancellation Ts and Cs in case I took ill before the holiday and had to cancel. Some of them have certain exclusions, certainly Pink Insure did.

Anyway, here’s to MORE holidays!

Enjoy …

Yes Dahlia what a good idea comparing notes, and I am actually staying 2 nights in Singapore and 2 nights in Hong Kong as it happens, that cost me an extra 11 quid!

Anyway take care

Madeline x

Aberdeen is 5k cancellation. There is a £500 excess for bc related claims but otherwise only £50

Some insurance companies who say they cover for breast cancer actually don’t cover if you’re in active treatment (chemo, etc) or if you have secondaries. is another really good insurance company and InsureCancer ( 01252 780190.

I think it depends on what stage you’re at and whether you get cover. Once I was down the road from my initial treatment of chemo/radiotherapy I stated I had a pre-existing medical condition but didn’t want it covering as you’re not suddenly going to become unwell from your primary diagnosis (unless you have other medical conditions as well). Secondaries is a completely different kettle of fish, especially where it may come back in that you may have no choice but to be covered.

I’ve found both Freedom and Free Spirit to be good companies as well.