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I am having difficulty getting travel insurance. Insure Pink quoted me £1500 and other companies would not quote. Has anyone got any recommmendations. I am having chemo at the moment so I wonder if that is the problem. I won’t be having chemo the week I am away. What is the “fit to travel document”, do I get it from my ONC. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Mills

You may find some recent threads about travel insurance useful to read, using the ‘search’ tab at the top of this page you can type in a subject and all threads relating to the subject will be available for you to read.

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Hi Mills

I had similar problems recently and was told that it was because I was currently having chemo (didn’t matter that I wasn’t having chemo the particular week I was away). I ended up getting a standard policy which excluded anything to do with the breast cancer (so was covered for all the other things like lost luggage etc and other medical problems). SInce I was travelling to Amsterdam, I wasn’t overworried about the breast cancer bit as you can get free treatment though as part of a reciprocal agreement. Did make sure I had the “European Health Insurance Card” (the replacement for the old E111) with me though. Don’t know where you are travelling but if it is within Europe you can check to see whether there would be free or reduced cost treatment on - they have a country by country list.

Good luck! Kay.

Hi Mills,
I travelled attached to continous chemo to Amsterdam. I did similar to Kay I got EHIC card, which I got online at:
I have free travel annual insurance from Alliance & Leicester to cover everything else.
Good luck,

Hi Mills

I just rang Aberdeen Insurance 01472 826672 for a family quote of 4 to go for 2 weeks to USA Florida Disneyworld. I have bc and liver mets. The quote was £69 for the four of us, with standard £65 excess for any illness, and then for my claim due to my cancer it was an excess of £750. I thought this was a great quote and found the number through doing an advance search on the secondaries forum.

I rang my oncs secretary Friday to get a fit to travel doc, presumably it is either a certificate or letter he produces. Will let you know when I hear back from them.

Good luck and hope you get a better quote. i have to say the lady I spoke to at Aberdeen was really lovely and very helpful. I have finished chemo and am on Herceptin now, so not sure if that made a difference. I was told not to travel whilst on chemo.

Take care

Miaonline will cover people with secondaries - they don’t need a letter from your oncologist but you need to let your onc know so that they put something in your file. Look them up on Google - they are very helpful and have found them to be the cheapest plus they tell you the nearest hospital to where you’re staying just in case there are any problems.

It’s around £44.50 for a fortnight and I’ve used them for the past 2 years - they’re really good. The only thing is that they only cover Europe at the moment.

InsurePink don’t seem to cover women with secondaries which I find quite amazing as very often with a primary diagnosis you don’t need to be covered for your ‘breast cancer’ - what are you going to get ill with whilst on holiday??

Hope this helps.


Just wanted to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to you lovely ladies that have taken time to put company names and numbers up as I have just been offered an annual policy for worldwide travel for £75 with an excess of £750 per trip by Aberdeen Insurance (thanks Dawn for the recommendation). I have secondaries in bones and have been dribbling over brochures and having found a couple of holidays tried not to get too excited in case I could not get insurance.

BIG thanks again

Angee x

Hi Angee

Glad you got your insurance. I couldnt get an annual policy due to being less than year or something. But they were good. You can now go ahead and book your hols. I have heard back from my onc and is sending me my fit to travel letter so gonna book our trip to Disneyworld today or tomorrow for March 31st. So excited and gives me something to focus on. Amazing yours is only £6 more for annual insurance. That is really good.

Have to let us know where you book, so we can drool with you.

Take care


I went to Majorca 3 weeks after treatment had finsihed.

Try Freedom (sorry don’t know number you’ll have to google it).

They insured me and my daughter for £80 for the week and this covered my breast cancer.

Hope this helps

Mandy xxx

Yesterday Insure and Go offered me Worldwide cover for £69.00 for 6 days. My husband I are going to New York in April and I’ve got liver secondaries. The policy doesn’t cover BC but at least they are prepared to cover me for everything else. Free Spirit and Freedom aren’t interested at all because I have secondaries and am on chemo, even though I am really well.

Hi Jackie

I found that Free Spirit and Freedom weren’t interested in me either once I was back on chemo. It makes me quite mad really because I feel far better now since being on chemo than before!

I’m going to try Aberdeen Insurance this year to see if I can get annual cover. Because I have spine involvement as well as liver secondaries my oncologist has strongly advised me to get cover for it.

Envy you going to New York! We went in 2000 for my 5 year anniversary (from primary b.c.) and I thought it was an amazing place - we went up the Trade Centre as well and it really affected me when the following year it was bombed as they were huge buildings.


Hi, I travelled to Spain with my husband and son during Chemo last August. Direct Travel Insurance quoted £30 for family travel insurance, with an exclusion for any illness relating to my cancer. They would have included cover for the cancer at an additional £210 but I opted to exclude it. I also obtained the EHIC card as well (just in case!)

Aberdeen have been wonderful. They have covered me for £37, single trip but I have to pay first £400 for anything to do with my cancer. I can’t beleive my luck. Insure Pink any many other would not even quote. Some quoted £1.500 When I asked Aberdeen why they could do it they said they had very sympathetic underwriters. Good for them, I can look forward to weekaway now
Hope you all have wonderful holidays

Well done Mills. Glad you have sorted it. We have just booked our holiday yesterday too, going to Disneyworld in Florida at the end of March and have taken insurance with Aberdeen too - as I said above £69 for trip for family of 4, and then excess of £750 for anything to do with my cancer. I thought that was good, cos I have secondaries and some won’t even touch me.

Enjoy your hols, where are you going and when and look forward to hearing all about it. Good to have something to look forward to isn’t it.

Take care

It sounds to me as though Aberdeen are at the top of the list - especially for those of us who have secondaries and can’t take the risk of going without cover for our condition.

I’m really pleased that there are sites like this otherwise I would never have known about these companies and the knock on effect is that my hospital now know these companies (which they didn’t beforehand). Also, my Macmillan nurse has given the details out to other patients.