Travelling to Radiotherapy


I was wondering if anyone knows of any help that is provided for travelling to radiotherapy every day if you have no transport of your own.

I do not have my treatment plan yet, just had a mastectomy and lymp node clearance on the right and will get my results and treatment plan during the week. I have been told that I will be getting chemo and possibly radiotherapy and that you need to travel to hospital every day except the weekend for so many weeks. Just worried about how I am going to travel to the western general in Edinburgh, its difficult to get to. Does anyone know of any charities that can help or people that you can pay that take less money? Its stressing me out even thinking about it! Getting to Chemo is not so bad as its one day every 3 weeks in a local hospital.

Thanks for looking.

Kelly xx

Hi Kelly

It depends where you live-I’m in SW Scotland and there is accomodation at the Western for folks travelling from here and transport to get them to and fro each week (Usually Mon to Fri) It’s co-ordinated by our local Cancer Drop In centre so maybe you could start with checking with them if you have one in your area or speaking to your breast care nurse.
Charities such as MacMillan might help too.
Good luck, its bad enough dealing with treatment without worrying about how to get there. Hope it goes well for you.

Cathie xx

Hi Kelly
I had exactly the same treatment as you, mastectomy, lymph node clearance, then chemo and radiotherapy. I was really stressed wondering how on earth I was going to manage to get to radiotherapy each day for several weeks when I wasn’t feeling too well. In the end I rang my GP and asked if there was any help available. She didn’t hesitate and arranged hospital transport for me. I believe it may have to be sanctioned through your doctor and not the hospital. I was so relieved as I couldn’t put upon anyone to take me every day. When I got to the hospital there were lots of people arriving this way and sometimes I happened to share transport with them. I’m sure there must be some help in your area, just ask.

Thanks for your replies ladies.

I have heard of a the dial a bus service that picks you up early in the morning then takes you home at the end of the day but that means being at the hospital the whole day every day :frowning:

I am in west lothian and st johns is fine to travel to but to get to Edinburgh every day is a hassle but its good to know what there is help out there.

Thanks again ladies, hope you are doing well xxx


The western has a unit called pentland lodge where you can stay Monday to Friday for the duration of your treatment but that is for people who live far away.

The hospital transport won’t necessarily have you there all day but it could potentially be all day… However in edinburgh they normally only organise hospital transport if there is a clinical need… Meaning you physically can’t travel without the transport… Eg no transport comes to your area or you are too unwell to get… But speak to your Bcn about this and see if they have some advice… There is a Macmillan centre in the corridor under the breast unit who might be able to help and also Maggies centre which is down behind the chemo ward.


Thanks Lulu34.

I am always in the oncology unit in st johns, they have been amazing in there. i will ask the next time i am there. xxx