Treatment before surgery


I would be interested in forming a new thread for anyone who is having mx etc after chemo as this is my treatment plan and i would really benefit from chatting to ladies who are currently going through something similar or who have had similar treatment plans in the past no matter how long ago.

I have had 3 FEC and had my second tax last tuesday. The last one is planned for the 25th May and as far as I know surgery will follow approx one month after. I havent had my surgery meeting yet with surgeon but am almost sure radiotherapy will come after surgery so i would love to hear from expereinced ladies on this.

Treatment hasnt been quite as bad as i expected. Bad yes and a few low dark days but i really could benefir from posting will other similar ladies. Thanks so much for the time taken


I had chemo before mx and would be happy to chat to you, although I’m away from Thurs til Weds next week.

I started 4 lots of EC then 4 lots of taxol/gemcitabine which ended in Dec 07 and had mx with full anc in Jan 08 so it is a good while ago now! Was basically ok during chemo - no sickness fortunately - and my scar is fab as surgeon was brilliant. Everyone who sees it (medical folk only in case you think I go round flashing!!) admires it. I didn’t have reconstruction. I then went on to have 15 lots of high dose rads starting 5 wks after surgery.

Good luck and feel free to ask any questions and I’ll be happy to try and help.



I also had my chemo 4xAC and 4tax before surgery. There was a 5 week gap between end of chemo and surgery. I had a bilateral MX and lymph node removal.Following surgery I had a course of rads, a year of Herceptin and now 5 years of Femara. This all took place starting from August 08.

Ask anything you want and I will do my best to answer.

Take Care


I had chemo before surgery. I had 4xFEC with great response and was due to have 12x weekly Taxol but after 5 it was found that the tumour had started to grow slightly so chemo was stopped and I went straight to surgery. I had Mx and ANC at the end of March, 6 weeks ago today! I had rads planning yesterday and will be having the first of 15 sessions next monday. The plan at the moment is to have 3 more cycles of FEC (as that worked well for me) after I’ve finished rads, this is unusual but is just precautionary as I didn’t complete a full course of chemo. I coped well with chemo so don’t have a problem with this.


Hi ladies

Thank you for posting and for all your experiences and the chance to ask any questions. I am feeling much more positive today and just think i was spending too much time alone yesterday. Im getting off now to get some shopping done!

Could i ask Carol if the bilateral mx was opted for by yourself or did they advise it? I want to be prepared for my planning appointment with the surgeon. I am also concerned about my ovaries but maybe tahts why the drugs after radio are prescribed.

Hi ,I’m currently having chemo before surgery.Have just had 4 EC and about to start 4 TAX .Even though half way through chemo still have mastectomy to get my head around.(Seems a long way off) My oncologist thinks this is the best treatment for me so have to go with that but not met many ladies having chemo first.

Hi, I’m having chemo before surgery as well. Had my 4th FEC yesterday and will move onto 4 x TAX in 3 weeks. Tha plan for me was to shrink the lump to give me the best results cosmetically from surgery. Before chemo I would have lost a quarter of my breast and would need reconstruction, this way I should just need the one op. I will also be having full node clearance as after SNB all 3 nodes removed were found to have minute traces of cancer.



You asked about bilateral MX. I only had BC one side but due to my family history I asked if I could have both removed and my surgeon agreed immediately. For me it was easier to have both removed and be flat because I really didn’t want recon. Now sometimes I wear a prothesis and some times I don’t. That was my own personal view and I fully understand that is a very personal choice for everyone

Good luck


I wanted a mastectomy straight away-psychological i think,just wanted IT gone.Now i’ve started the chemo,i can’t think about surgery(too scary)-I’ve never had any operation before and quite frightened.However i think i’d want a double mx because the thought of going through all this again!! Keep having panic moments when i think of whats to come.

Hi same here, having chemo first to try shrink the lump then having a mx, they explained they would take “fat” from my back and use that to fill the gap sounds pretty gruesome but after a chat i now understand what their plan is and im going along with it… did say i would have a large scar on my back though but im not bothered about that…

Anne x

I have had three FEC, and next time will start on TAX, chemo 5 and 6 will be including herceptin

Anne x


Am having chemo then op. My tumor, even though has reduced from 6cm by 6cm is spread over a large area so looking like a mastectomy on that side. Am not sure yet if i will have a dbl mastectomy as i had something suspect in the other side too, they think it was a DCIS as it has disapeared with chemotherapy.

I feel the same as you Andie, i want to limit the chance of this coming back on the other side and am thinking about a bilateral mx. My mother died of breast cancer and my aunt is living with breast cancer so we are getting family genetics done. Although i don’t think the results will be back in time for my op as it seems to take a long time to extract the dna.

Has anyone had a double mx and implant reconstruction? I want to have as little surgery as possible and i don’t think they need to take muscle from your body for that.


Mrs mc have they mentioned you might get the op on your ovaries? My bc nurse mentioned this a couple of weeks ago and said they might have to do that eventually.

Hope you don’t mind me joining this threads. I was diagnosed wel confirmed on 26th April, grade 2 DIC widespread throught my right breast and will require a mastectomy and recpnstruction post chemo, using my abdominal wall…tummy tuck, not bad. my concern reading all of the posts and threads is my treatment.

I know that i am receiving great care (I used to work at the hospital and know most of the healthcare staff and have faith in them and so feel involved im my care). however I am having epi & them CMF then node bx then mastectomy, so many others appear to be having a different chemo course. it is all a bit confusing.

only had 1st chemo on Tuesday feeling very tired and nausiated already! taking the tablets, thanks for the advice re ginger beer, it helps!
really appriciate this site & your pearls of wisdom

thanks love Jenny xxx

Hi all

No they havent mentioned my ovaries murdoch but my review appointment isnt until next tuesday where i think i am rescanned and speak to surgeon regarding date for surgery.

I am having reconstruction but will post further details after the meeting to keep you all up to date

Thanks for that mrs m, hopefully i will see the surgeons soon.

Hi Jenny i had my 4th yesterday and had Emend for the first time i am so surprised how much it has helped with the nausea, it would be worth asking about as it has really helped me. The first 3 i had really bad nausea, wasn’t really eating and drinking but this time is a very different experience. Hope you feel like you are picking up soon.

Love Jayne xxx

Hi all,
Just wondering if anyone had to have their chemo put back due to low white cell count? This has happened to me twice now even though had injection after the last lot of EC. Should be on Taxotere now and it’s getting me down a bit-can’t plan anything. Really want to get to the end of chemo so i can then get my head around the surgery! Hope everyone is holding up ok x