treatment finished but in despair

Hi All I can be a right bitch especially to my OH and cannot drink at all since chemo , so do’nt need one to sound off. I am a right cow when onc appts come up , we always end up having a row. Do’nt want any more hospital visits it only reminds me of sh**tty BC. I detest being prodded about , so next visit I am going on my own BUT who I can I be angry with then. I want to pick a fight with anyone thats around I’m afraid one day I might hit somebody . Very angry with myself really I suppose … Its okay Jen and Anna you are safe .

You should be able to get a referral to a counsellor through your Breast care nurse -thats what they are there for. I totally understand where you are coming from regarding the anger. I used to scream and scream at my husband and my son and say things to them that i really didn’t mean as I love them both so much
I am sure that your parents will understand and I hope you get the support and help that you need
Thinking of you
xx Jools

Hi Clarabel34 and co.

i finished treatment now, but i did and still do have some really bad times when i have felt evil and ugly. it has come out when i drink and sometimes have just had a really cr*p day. i have physically hurt my partner and abused family members verbally. i went to see a cousellor as i knew my self I was not coping well. i could feel the mentalness in my head.
Seeing the counsellor did not help me personally, I felt I was moaning on at this woman who though i was a spoiled brat. just because i have finished treatment does not mean things go away, it is only now, one year on that i learning to deal with things and getting some sort of life back.
i very lucky to have great parents and partner, i sure parents must feel so hurt to see their babies go through something so horrible.
my brother keeps his punch bag in the garage, i used a few times to kick and punch, especially during chemo i got worn out quick.
i hope you get all the support you need.

lots of love