Treatment in France...anyone else?

I shall be receiving all my treatment in France at the Institut Claudius Regaud in Toulouse…anyone else out there being treated in France?

Sorry, not much help, Ive been treated in the US (living there). There have been a number of women whove been treated in France who`ve posted on here in the past.You could also try a search on “In your area”. Good luck with the next few weeks and beyond!

Hi mgsm

I’m in France, and had all of my treatment at the Institut Claudius Regaud in Toulouse as well.

In my opinion they are utterly brilliant. In fact I started at another hospital, but transferred to the ICR after my first appointment, even though Toulouse is much further away for me.

If you want to pick my brain about anything to do with the clinic drop me a PM.

I have sent you a pm.


I too had all my treatment in France, in Bordeaux, and found the care to be excellent.

Hope it all goes well for you!!

Rawlie x


I heard France has the best hospital treatment in the world!

Can we go to any hospital in Europe for treatment?

Sounds very good. I’m thinking about returning to Germany for further treatment after this chemo, which I get pre-op just now.

Christine xx

I don’t know whether one can choose to be treated in other parts of Europe, I live in France and my doctor referred me to the Institut in Toulouse.
I have a friend who lives near me who became ill while she was visiting England (colon cancer) and she has had all her treatment in England.
In France you pay part of your medical treatment but cancer treatment is free.
Will let everyone know how good the treatment is but it had better be b***** brilliant…

I’m hopefully moving permenantly to France in July and talked my options through with my Consultant. He said I can come back each time for my appointment or have treatment in France, he also said that the hospitals and treatments were excellent but that I should be prepared to travel to different hospitals for different treatments.
My neighbours in France have told me that a hospital taxi will take me, and bring me home when I’m ready, to any apointment or treatment.Nurses will come to see me at home to check that everything’s going as planned… All treatment is supposed to be at gold standard and free although I’m sure as in the UK different centres are probably better than others…
Waiting on next lot of scans and results before I decide for sure, back on 12 week checks which I hadn’t expected so soon.

I’ll be following you and the other ladies in France. Good luck with whatever has to happen

Katie x

bumping this thread up for a dear friend in France.

Hi Mgsm

Yes, I had my treatment at Claudius Regaud from 2008 - starting from chemo, herceptin, operations (mx) and DIEP reconstruction this year. Initially I started my treatment at Brive, but on the advice of my new GP at the time she had me transferred to ICR.

I can’t recommend them highly enough! I’ve found the care and attention brilliant, my PS is a Jenson Button lookalike!

I live a 2 hour drive away from ICR but can get transport to transport me (paid for by the Securite Sociale) or if you take your own vehicle you can claim for that too.

PM me if you would like to know more - but I hope my post has reassured you about the treatment at ICR, they will do everything they can to make it easier for you.


Hi everybody, I’m in Meaux (just think Disneyland!) so a bit far to drop by for a coffee! Having my WLE and SNB(?) on the 10th and rads at some point after that (will know about chemo after the op) I have no experience of cancer care in England so can’t compare, but so far I’m very happy with the treatment i’m getting here, especially the speed. I ve heard other ladies talk about the rollercoaster of emotions following diagnosis, and i can completely understand but this is one going so fast i don’t have time to think about how scared i am. When it slows down it may hit me but i’ve realised that the only time i cried was during the 2 week wait for the biopsy results, when nothing was happening and i didn’t feel i could talk to people about it in case it wasn’t true. I am lucky to be able to speak french, but i do wonder how it must be for those who don’t. I would find it very hard to be ill in a foreign country, have you found english speaking doctors? Well, i’m off to scrape snow off my windscreen, have a good day, Gill

Hello all French girls!

I live mostly in France these days (doing massive renovation), near Limoges, we also have property near Guildfod in the UK and i opted to have all my treatment in UK. All local friends said my treatment would have been excellent here and i believe them from other visits to my doc here, but my cancer was picked up by a mammo in UK so decided to stick with them.

There was also something about the nuances of language particularly dealing with medical matters (even though i speak fluent French), that I felt happier being in UK. I am now just about to have my 1st mammo post all active treatment and I will do that in the UK too, but for all those undergoing treatment here in France, I think you will be very well treated and cared for.

Bon courage and bonne chance a tous!!


Hi Wandy

Just thought I’d let you know I’m not too far from you in England and France… Basingstoke here and 50 minutes west of Limouges in France!

We’ve a lot of renovation too!


Hi Katie,

How amazing is that??!! Where abouts west of Limoges are you? We are about 35 mins east of Limoges, near St. Leonard de Noblat.

Are you in France or uk at the mo? I’m in france and its snowing hard and been -13 degrees! I guess if you go for treatment in France it will be at Limoges and i understand that its very good there.

All best


I’m in England at the mo but our French next door neigbours tell me it’s been aroun-13 and they are snowed in!

we’re in a little village just outside Chassenuil-sur-Bonnieure.

Just thought I would bump this up as I’m having my treatment in Toulouse, any of you girls still on this forum as it would be great to compare notes?

Wattie, try sending private messages to these girls, as they might get notification by email, even if they no longer routinely look at the site.

At the risk of repeating myself, it really IS an important feature of a forum to be able to click on a member’s name and see their most recent posts. It would make it easier to keep track of them, and also save needless repetition of their story so far. I do hope this will be a feature of the new improved forum (if it ever happens!). Personally I find this forum so much harder to use than, (the North American site) that eventually I’m sure I will end up only posting on there… which is a shame, as I have made connections here that I should like to keep!

Hello, I’m just back to the forum! Been a bumpy couple of years but have actually just moved over and see my new doctors in the next couple of weeks. Sorry no advice re France.



I’m currently being treated in Agen in France. In a complete tiz at them moment so would welcome the chance to compare notes with anyone else going through the same thing here.