Treatment is over!!!!

Treatment is over!!!

Treatment is over!!! well girls, I never thought this day would come but here I am back home after finishing all my rads which brings all my treatment, during the last seven months, to a close.

It is a weird feeling at the moment, dont know whether to laugh or cry really. The past months have been very surreal!!

Going to take some time now to relax and recover properly before going back to work .

I have fought a tough war but I have won and the enemy is truly defeated!!!

good luck to you all if you are still ‘fighting your battles’.

Karen . xx

nice to have some good news Hi Karen
thought i would just see who is about, and spotted your posting, its great to read some good news, I so glad you now the road to recovery, what a uphill road it is to travel, having a while to relax and get your life back on track, is the best thing you can do, I wish you all the best, and take care,
keep in touch

well done! just remember that you have been through a tremendous journey and your body needs to rest as does your mind!! when i finished my treatments i felt a mixture of joy and also fear as now i was out there on my own with noone to say if that pain ar this ache was anything to worry about ! now im 4 months post treatments and hoping to have a gradual return to work . yes its been hard but youve got there ! take care of yourself i wish you all the very best for the future . love lynn xx

Tamoxifen Worries Hi
I finish rads next week and then start on tamoxifen, this worries me as I am not sure what to expect. I have read the factsheets on tamoxifen and am a bit concerned about the side effects, I have been through so much already. I may just be panicking because my treatment is about to end and I have no more treatments to focus my mind on.
I have remained positive and strong thoughout and have taken each step without complaint but I feel I am starting to crumble, it is almost a year since diagnosis.
Is this a normal reaction.
Anne x

Hi Karen
just to say well done in your battle. Now is the time to laugh, cry and drink lots of champagne.
Annierose x

For Anne Hi AnneF

I was the same as you, it took me over a week to take my first tablet, mainly because i didnt want to put on weight, how stupid can you be especially as it could stop it happening again, and i certainly dont want to go through chemo and rads again, anyway been on it a couple of months now and absolutely no effects.

I also got through treatment, chemo, rads and op without any tears and now thats its all over and ive been given the all clear i find myself scared to death about what i can eat and drink as i dont want the bugger to come back so ive lost weight, im getting fitter and will try and stuff my face with fruits that are red/black every day. After speaking to my mcmillian nurse and told her that things were ten times worst now ive been given the all clear she said that this was normal and im not alone in feeling like this, she also said that she was going to set up a support group for “after cancer/treatment” as we still need councilling and its something that friends and family dont realise just because youve been given the all clear doesnt mean that everything is a bed of roses, anyway i just thought i’d let you know that everything your feeling is normal so go ahead and take that tablet, i take mine with milk, i read somewhere that it would stop any after taste, or something like that, anyway it works for me.

Good luck


I finished Rads 2 months ago, and have been on Tamoxifen for 3 months, I am having some side effects and felt tempted to come off them but decided the alternative would be worse.

When I finished my Rads I almost missed going to the hospital, strange how something like that can become a routine.

Good Luck.

Val. XXXX.

No such luck for me, im having Herceptin for a year so still got my three weekly visits and apparently my veins have gone really hard so the cannula hurts like hell.

But good for you Val for sticking with it.


To Tracey & Val Its nice to know I’m not going mad. I think that it is an emotional time and as it gets closer towards the finish of the treatment the more anxious I’m getting. I will talk to my Macmillan nurse and ask if she can help, family and friends don’t really understand and think that I should be jumping for joy that it is nearly all over.
I will take my tablet and all else that comes with it, eat all that is good for me, regain my fitness and panic everytime I have any sort of pain or niggle.
Best wishes

Anne Ah, your well and truly one of us now, ha ha.

take care