Treatment Over !

Treatment Over !

Treatment Over ! I’m not a regular contributor to this website but am an avid reader of the messages. I first joined in in July 05 when diagnosed absolutely terrified of what lay ahead, convinced that I was never going to cope with what was to come Lots of people gave me support and it helped me through. I had lobular cancer, Grade 2, one lymph gland involved. Had mastetomy, six rounds of FEC and today finished 25 days of rads. I returned to work two weeks ago and feel that I can see some sort of ‘normality’ coming back. I just wanted to say to anyone at the beginning of their treatment, there is light at the other end of the tunnel!

Congratulations On finishing your treatment from another Lobular Girl.

I know exactly how you feel. I never thought I’d get through it and, apart from the not so occasional wobble am just glad to be alive.

Well Done!


— just to say — Pleased for you … Love Joy xx

More congrats It feels great doesn’t it!!?

K x

well done