Treatment plan changed

My treatment plan now changed due to my age and to stop any reaccurance with in my body once ive finish EC round oncologyst wants me to have paclitexal weekly then every 3 weeks have carboplatin too ive agreed and said they know best just hope i will cope as wont get much of a break but as i think and get impression paclitextal is more tolerant than EC. So all crossed

If anyone has been on treatment plan similar i be pleased to hear from you.



Hi mel

I had 3 ECs, followed by 9 weekly paclitaxel, with a week’s break (boy, what a difference that made). You’re right. Paclitaxel is meant to be easier - certainly easier than EC - but it can bring it’s own side effects. Expect to feel fine on treatment day (the steroid), then maybe 3 days of unwell (ish)(, then three normal days. But don’t do what I did and overestimate what your capable of - a one-driver car crash, trashing four cars in a car park and fracturing your sternum isn’t the best outcome of driving while on chemo (for me). Especially when they still make you carry on the chemo. 

I agree with you. It’s best to leave treatment in the hands of the experts. Second-guessing them, demanding second opinions (occasionally necessary), dissecting all your reports - it just means you’re obsessed with treatment all the time rather than thinking about happier things. I hope your experience with paclitaxel goes smoothly xx