Treatment time

My wife was diagnosed with Breast Cancer 1st August and has been given 5 dates for operations and having had so many problems had to revert back to the original hospital in wigan rather than our local hospital in Ormskir. the wigan hospital infomred us that they will no longer refer anyone to Ormskirk for treatment. Finaly my wife operation date arrived (27/09/12) and we arrived at one hospital at 10am to have a guide wire fitted then I drove her to another Hospital in the town for the operation. We were told my wife was to attend a ward as she had previuosly had an MRSA scare. when we got to the the ward we were turned away and sent to the medical surgicaladmissions suite a large roon with cubicles and chairs no beds and once you had seen the medics you would normally be sent to a day room to await her op but not for my wife d toue her MRSA scare they kept us in the cubicle and we waited till 4:30pm before she was called down to theatre. Arriving at Theater my wife was taken in and op began at 4:45 she was woken up after her op at 6:15 still in the theatre room not recovery. I was waiting on the suite for her return only to be told as it was so late my wife was going to a ward as they would be closing at 7:30 so I was taken to the ward at 6:30 my wife arrived on the ward at 6:45 and at 7:15 she was told to get dressed and she could go home. at no point did we see a doctor nor any of the surgical team who carried out the operation my wife was discharged at 7:30. Some 45 mins after waking from the operation. we do not know if clear margins were reached or the operation went according to plan. we were just sent home. has anyone else ever had an experience like this ???

I have only just seen this. You don’t say what op your wife had but the discharge does seem rather quick. I would be complaining to the hospital!

I was sent home a couple of hours after my operation (WLE or lumpectomy). It would have been sooner but they had to wait until I stopped being sick from the anaesthetic! I had an appointment to see the surgeon about 2 weeks later to hear about margins etc. I did not see (or expect to see) anyone from the surgical team until this time. I think this is quite normal.

im the same as you JC i had my surgery met the surgeon briefly before i went into theatre was home within hours and didn;t see anyone until 2 1/2 weeks later for surgery results

Hi there. Sorry, I’ve only just seen this thread.
I’ve actually had my treatment at Wigan. I opted for my op (WLE) at Leigh jsut because they were able to offer me a date for the op soonest. I went down to theatre late afternoon and I was discharged early evening. I had an appointment to see the surgical consultant around a fortnight later, but received a phone call from the breast nurses in the meantime to advise me that the lymph nodes had been clear.
Hope your wife is doing well and has been seen again by now.
Paula. x

Well, I think my hospital was just super cautious. I was in 5 days post mx. My surgeon came to see me every day I was in.!

I don’t know if your treatment was the norm but it seems to me that discharge was a bit hasty…I had Mx and not WLE but hey it’s not a competition…you and your wife have been treated quite badly in my book and in your place I would complain…it might not do any good but it’ll probably make you feel better…I hope you are both OK…I know from my experience with cancer that it affects both of a couple and not just the person with the condition…there were ladies on the ward I was on who had the same wire guided thing your wife had…they came in the night before…had the op the next day and stayed overnight again…then went home the next day…what if your wife was poorly in the same night…what would you both have been expected to do…shame on the hossie you went to!!!