Hi guys im new and was wondering how people cope not knowing if they have cancer or not.these two wks have been a nightmare and i bet atsome time or other we all go through the stress. last monday i hada mammagram as i am 53 and my boobs have felt like there full. but the worst thing is my nipples that have stopped killing me now for a week. when they hurt i could have just squecced them to get relief. I also feel coming from from its hard to explaine like water running inthem the left breastbone icant sleep lost my appitite and sweat in the night as anybody had the same symptons thanks guys

The utter terror is perfectly normal.

Was this a routine mammo or have you had any other symptoms that caused you to get referred to the breast clinic? If you want to look at percentages etc, you are highly likely to be PERFECTLY OK. Even if you had the mammo as a result of a referral to the breast clinic the chances are still very good that you’re FINE.

I know that’s little comfort while you’re waiting for your results, but the stress of worrying can be completely debilitating.

Not much help, but we ALL know what waiting for results it like, and IT SUCKS!

scary times!!! But I hate to say this, even if it is cancer - it is not an automatic death sentence, it sucks like crazy to have it yes, but it doesn’t mean it’s curtains.

Its a horrible time, I found I could distract myself in the daytime but night was worse, when the lights were out and the world is silent, the thoughts creep in.

Its a bad time xxx

how do people cope?? they dont really. its the worst part of this whole breast cancer thing not know what on earth the outcome is going to be. there are lots of natural reactions, fear, denial, rage, complete freak out, etc. Everybody’s body and mind reacts differently. the worse thing you can do is to fight the reaction and try to be normal.

Big thing to remember-- 9 out of 10 breast changes are not cancer. But if you are anything like me that is not going to calm you down. " what if i am the 1 in 10 that does have it??"

I tell you before i had even been to the GP with my lump I had googled web sites for wigs and scarves.

so hopefully you are going to get the results and come on here and say goodbye and thanks for the support. But on the off chance that you are not, as the previous poster said, it is not an automatic death sentence. I had an op to take mine out that I have completely recovered from. I am half way through radiation treatment which so far has no side effects and i do not need chemo therapy. All a bit of a nuisance, but probably less painful and a quicker recovery than breaking a leg.

Of course if you read all the posts on here there are people that have more drastic outcomes but it is not automatically the same for everyone.

When do you get your results?