Trial on Herseptin

Hi I new to this I have been going through breast cancer and nearing the end, but yesterday when I had my radiotherapy I was asked to speak to a trial represent I’ve any way she said they wer e doing a trial on the length of time herseptin needs to be done, I’m just about to have my 9th herseptin infusion, they said I could be put on the trial and it is ran amply selected I may have just the 9 or the full 18, but it just seems that it had not been brought up before and now on 9th I think I don’t want to go there on it I want the best I can get, if I was only just starting then maybe it would be different ,
Has anyone else come up with this

Hi Tatty, I’m one of the august maisies. I’ve just had 1st chemo and have to have 5 more yet, then rads then Herceptin but I was just told fora year in the beginning then at my pre chemo assessment I was told its every three weeks so there will be 18 treatments all together, no discussion. That seems ti be the standard treatment regime for Herceptin though from what I’ve read. My thinking is I don’t want this blighter cancer ti stand a chance of surviving so hit it with all you’ve got and really kick its butt so to speak. I don’t know if this helps you any and obviously I don’t know what the ses will be like for me yet, you will know that more than me right now ad at the end of the day its your decision and will be right for you. Thinking of you, xx

The Perephone trial is to look at whether 6 months is as effective as 1 year (9 v 18).  I opted in and a computer decided I would get the full year.  I am glad about that but would have done the 6  months if that had been the outcome.  If I had changed my mind they would have offered the full year anyway.

I opted in mainly to get the extended follow up the trial offers plus they do a genetic test and with 2 daughters I wanted the peace of mind - although they only tell you if something turns up.  I have heard nothing so assume it is ok.

It it a hard decision but in the circumstances I would say listen to your gut instinct as you have to live with the decision!



Hi, I was also asked to go on the trial. Initially I did intend to go on it but changed my mind. My treatment has gone really well and I didn’t want to risk anything. Luckily I live near the hospital so it doesn’t take too long, It is a personal choice . 

I did volunteer for the radiotherapy trial as the nearest hospital for it  is 90 minutes away, on a good day. I ended up still having 15 sessions and felt that this was somebody trying to tell me that I should also do 12 months of Herceptin. 

Good luck with whatever you decide x

Hi Tatty, I am on the trial -  its called Persephone trial. Its a trial based on 6 months - 9 sessions versus 18 sessions  1 year of Herceptin. I was randomised for the 18 sessions and im monitored pretty regularly as a result. I was Her2 positive only.