Trickling feelings after axillary node clearance

I know it’s not leaking (I’ve checked) but has anyone else had feelings of trickling in under arm area following lymph node clearance? I had my surgery Monday (out from hospital yesterday) for mastectomy and axillary clearance. Dressing removed today, drain still in.


is this common? I’m going to call the ward that released me but wonder how common this is? I’m a bit achey but trying to do my basic warm up exercises and where feasible my early stage exercises to minimise stiffness and if possible lymphedema (though latter feels very random)

I had this together with pins and needles, burning feeling and numbness. The trickling was like water dripping in my chest and armpit.  It wore off quite quickly.  I think it is the nerves starting to recover. Do get advice from your team if it is worrying you - they are there for you. I particularly felt the trickling when drinking anything cold.  Don’t go at the exercises too hard! I overdid it and pulled a muscle in my rib area.  Do be kind to yourself x