Triple neg BC

Just to let you all know there are plenty of us with TNBC. I also have liver and bone mets. Although it was a scary diagnosis at first, I just get on and live with it like any other chronic disease. I am fortunate in that my onc is easy to talk to and I’m not afraid to ask questions. At the end of the day we are all going to die from something or other it’s just some of us have an inkling when that might be. I’M currently taking capecitabine tablets with monthly zometa with good results and minimal side effects, together with vitamin D3 to help my bones. I walk regularly having two large dogs and still ride my horse although was advised not to (what the hell). Isn’t life about doing those things that we enjoy within our individual limitations? And never wallow in self pity as this is not conducive to good health, this is not a battle or a fight that can be won. I hate to hear people talk about the battle or fight against cancer, it’s so tiresome and draining and does nothing for the soul; but it is something that we have to live with. Enjoy the simple things in life, get close to nature enjoy the sunshine and be happy.
I attend a day hospice where I can talk to other ladies, inspire them (so I’m told) and encourage them to participate in art and craft works, with a bit music and a nice G&T before lunch!

Yes TNBC is not so common, but hell who wants to be the same as everyone else (lol).
Love to all…Rebel without a cause xx

Dear bellasman
Have you been on capecitabine long ? I’m just about to start and worried as so tired already. This is fourth line and I’ve had 3 full cycles other chemos back to back. I have 4 kids and was always walking and out but platinum took it out of me . I’ve heard cap v good for some TN so hoping for me.
You sound like you still have lots energy.
Jo x

Dear Jo

Just to let you know I have been absolutely fine on capecitabine. I have not had any problems with it so far. I am just about to start cycle14 (my onc says she had a lady on it for 28 cycles) and I’m feeling better as time goes by. Although the first 3 cycles I had a bit of hand foot syndrome and a dodgy stomach. However this settled and the hand foot syndrome (my feet started to peel) was treated with aveeno and calmurid cream both from my GP. Don’t bother with things like udder cream as it is expensive and the calmurid cream is superior in that it contains both lactic acid and uric acid which draws moisture into the skin… It’s also free from your GP.

It’s really hard to get back into fitness after chemo as it does make your muscles weak and tight and you often feel very fatigued. But please persevere with some gentle exercise as you will feel less tired in the long term. I’ve been using light hand weights and walking which helps keep bone strength and will build you up. The other positive thing with capecitabine is that you get to keep your hair! I do hope it works out for you, please let me know if I can be of help. Best wishes Jane x