Triple neg metastatic breast cancer


im just wondering if anyone is in the same boat and can shed some light/experience… info? 

I have just been diagnosed with triple neg breast cancer with metastatic lymph node (N3) involvement, they said it’s metastatic as has spread to distant lymph nodes but not in my organs or bones. I don’t really understand what this means for me and no one seems to be able to give me an answer. I am trying to read positive stories but I feel doom and gloom and a feeling of no hope. The nurses just give me a look of pity and say they don’t know which is driving me crazy. 

I started chemo 2 days ago and they have said it’s just wait and see what happens. I can’t find any other stories of it spreading to distant lymph nodes but not organs… it doesn’t make sense. 

my head is in such a spin. I have a 4 year old and life was going to well until this diagnosis. I just don’t know what to do, how to feel or when to look for the right advice. 

thanks for any replies x

Mclaire83 Please ring the number on here and speak to a nurse or the someone like me option Surviving triple negative breast cancer by Patricia prijatel was a good book that you might want to look at age a 2 x tnbc survivors, it’s not a book for everyone but It helped me. Also Robin Roberts and Joan lunden American tv ladies are both tnbc survivors and for me they were inspirational too :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx

Hi, I really hope you now have more positive answers. I also have one breast care nurse who is amazing and lovely but just looks and sounds sympathetic all the time, I felt worse the other day after speaking on the phone to her ??‍ :female_sign: I’m sure she would be upset if she knew. 
Im very new to this too but I’d do what the others said ring the numbers on here for advice. 

Take care Xxxx

Hi, I am triple negative with metastatic in distant lymph node’s. 

I am waiting for scan results to see if it is anywhere else but hoping its not. I’m like you, I have no clue what to expect and having 5 girls is making it much harder to contemplate having to leave them much sooner than I would like. I’m 36 years old! I would just love it if they could put a number on it, 6 months, a year, 20 years! But I guess its just a waiting game.

Mclaire83 I would love to know how you are getting on and feel free to message me on here.

I’m new so not sure how it works just yet.

Much love and positive thoughts to you all x


I am TNBC with nodules in my lungs and brain.  Vile isn’t it?

How are you getting on?  I have just done an introductory post on this forum about my situation.

If you want to chat I am around.