Triple Negative and only having FEC and radiotherapy

I was diagnosed in June 08 with breast cancer. I am triple negative and have had two operations and am currently 2 chemos through a 6 x FEC followed by radio therapy.

I have seen many threads on triple negative cancers, but everyone else seems to be having other chemos to FEC. Is this something that I should worry about, I do seem to worry about everything these days?



Hi Tracy

I too am triple neg. Was dx in July 07 - had ac chemo, mast then rads. It just seems to be each centre uses different chemos. My tumour was very unresponsive to my chemo .

Its perfectly natural you worry more about things these days but that must be the chemo your centre uses for triple neg and I suppose you have to trust in them? I take it you dont have the tumour now since you said you have had surgery?

Take care and hope the chemo is going as ok as it can.
Sorry if thats not been much help


I am 80% ER positive and am starting FEC this week - I’m 36

FEC is a similar kind of drug combination as AC. Both are in the anthracycycline group of drugs. Both are appropriate first line treatments.

Some triple negative tummours are also treated with a taxane (taxotere ot taxol) after the anthracycline so Tracy you could ask your oncologist for their view on this.

Like sparkler I had AC before surgery (in 2003/2004) Unfortuanately my tumour did not respond so I had taxotere after surgery. I was then in remission for two and half years before a regional recurrence.


i am triple negative and going to start FEC soon…


I’m exactly the same as you…WLE/SLNB followed re-excision, will have the 3rd of 6 FEC cycles on Thursday and follow it up with (I think) 3 weeks of rads. I don’t have any worries about missing out on treatment. Before my first surgery I was only expecting radiotherapy. But dodgy margins and grade 3 cells meant more surgery and some chemo put into the mix as well. Each of the 3 chemo drugs affect the cancer cells in slightly different ways so in combination they sound pretty effective…my chemo nurse explained all the science to me on my first day but chemo brain means I can’t remember the details!! However, I think it does vary by treatment centre…I’m in Poole.

Hope you’re coping with the chemo,
Love Sarahxx


You are literally exactly the same I too am grade 3, and have had WLE.SLNB followed by reexcision to get clear margins. I too was also told radiotherapy only before surgery!!!
How strange.

Very interesting to see that you are having the same treatment too.

thanks to you all for your comments


I had a grade 3, triple neg tumour and a grade 3 slight hormone responsive tumour at the same time.

I have just finished 6 rounds of FEC 100.

I’m 34 and had no lymph node involvement which I believe does make a difference as the taxanes are particullarly effective in the lymphatic system.

I have done a *lot* of reading and am now very happy with the choice of FEC in my circumstances. FEC has been used for several decades and is 3 different drugs.

I was 62 and had grade 2 triple neg with no lymph involvement’I had WLE no vascular invasion.Had 4xFEC and 4xTaxotere then 15 rads.

I am triple negative - was due 4 x Epi and 4 x Tax but managed only 3 then 28 radios with 5 extras
have medullary cancer and no-one has any idea whether the chemo worked as I had it out first!!!
good luck love FB xx