Triple negative breast cancer and carboplatin

Just got back from seeing my oncologist about starting a new round of chemotherapy. Three weeks ago I was diagnosed with a 2 new breast tumours, node involvement in the neck and a small nodule in the lung. Last time I had fec-t which they admit didn’t work as it’s come back so soon. The oncologist has now going to start me on carboplatin ( on its own) as I’m triple negative! I found the whole meeting with her quite disheartening. She told me it was now serious and difficult to treat, if this doesn’t work ( they can tell quite quickly apparently) they have another 4 chemo’s to try. I was triple negative the last time, so I know the survival rates aren’t great. But I must admit I came out feeling as though they are giving it me to keep going not to cure it. Also, I here you don’t lose hair but I’m tempted to try the cold cap anyway.?

hi Spesley,
So sorry to hear you need more treatment. I dont have a similar diagnosis, so cannot advise.
As you say you have a small nodule in the lung, it maybe an idea to post in the ‘living with secondary breast cancer’ section where there are other lovely ladies who will be able to advise & support.
Sending you my very best wishes,
ann x

Hi Spesley ,sorry you are having such a rubbish time .May be worth posting your queries in the just diagnosed (triple negative section of the site ) you may get info from ladies who have been through same.

Hi, no Mets are as before, triple negative grade 3 stage 2.