Triple negative breast cancer forumThank you for replying Gerry22, my tumour has visibly increased in size, I'm desperate to start treatment. Have you had any bad side effects so far with your treatment xx

Hi Diamonddapple my original lump was 4.7cm, another smaller one was detected following further tests. I could feel both lumps very easily before treatment. The radiologist inserted a titanium marker into each lump (painless procedure, wouldn’t even know they were there!) I went for a mid treatment ultrasound last week and was delighted when I was told that the markers were visible but there was no sign of either lump! In any event what they really want to see is a reduction in size that shows treatment is working, I think I just got luck with the level of my ‘reduction’. I know what you mean about being desperate for treatment to start and the reality of treatment actually starting. I found that once I was on the treatment I felt that I was taking an active role in my own journey towards recovery. It was the most empowered I had felt since diagnosis. Are you having a PICC line or Port fitted? I have a PICC line (due to ease of treatment on a weekly basis) Initially I was reluctant to have one but now I see it as my ‘buddy’ along this journey :smiling_face: All the very best to you, virtual hugs to you :hugs:

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OMG gerry22 that is absolutely brilliant that there was no evidence if your cancer on the ultrasound you recently had. That must have given you such a psychological boost, especially as it was quite large originally.
You are going to smash these next treatments.
Sending you a massive virtual hug xx

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hi everyone i’m a TNBC member too! gerry it seems we are at the same time frame unfortunately my EC was delayed and i missed my last pacli due to my low blood levels fingers crossed start this friday! end date is late april now xxxx

Thank you so much Diamonddapple, it is a great boost and good to know that positive things can happen to us on this challenging journey we are all on. Still on for mastectomy and radiotherapy but I’m up for throwing the kitchen sink at this thing so I know I’ve done all I can! Good luck starting your treatment, let us know how you get on xx


Hi Rosie, shame about delay to starting EC but fairly normal I’m guessing as anything can disrupt the ‘schedule’. In total I ended up having 10 out of my 12 Paclitaxal treatments (1st one had a bit of a reaction, nothing too bad. Last one was cancelled due to infection) Oncologist wasn’t concerned to have missed 2 and let me go straight on to EC last week. Interestingly she said that ‘they’ aim for the total of 8 full treatment’s ie Pembro/Carbo/Paclitaxal and Pembro + EC but will be satisfied if I could only tolerate 6 of these in total :thinking: But defo want to complete the 8 :crossed_fingers:

Hi everyone, I had my triple negative diagnosis January this year. It’s been a load of tests and I start treatment on the 22nd… still getting my head around the treatment plan and drug names and side effects. Have my pre-chemo meeting this Wednesday and lots of questions - I’m 38 and a bit terrified it’s going to be so awful - it helps seeing others coping ok!

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Sending you a virtual hug for the start of your treatment tomorrow lillytiger xxx

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Thanks so much Diamond :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I have been feeling nervous and scared all weekend but after speaking to the oncology nurse today, I now feel calm and so much more confident. The main bit I’m dreading is the cold cap but I’m ready with layers and have downloaded a breathing app. I’ve had my hair cut into a bob (love it) and am determined to try hard with a cold cap as anything else (wig/scarf/headband) is just so itchy. I’m having my Picc Line put in first thing too.
The next week will be super busy with anti sickness drugs and extra injections to increase white blood cells too :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: Speak again soon xx

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Diamond - my first day of chemo/Picc/cold cap all went so much better than I expected :clap: I was dreading the cold cap but it really was fine. I ended up having it on for over 7 hours. It didn’t feel cold enough to me :face_with_hand_over_mouth:. Pembro then Paclitaxel then carboplatin. Left the hospital at 5.30pm after arriving for 9am. Long day. Now on anti sickness. Felt fine yesterday- more tired/ wiped out last night and today.
What stage are you up to with tests? Remind me when you start? Is it 23rd?
Also got my cancer gene results back yesterday and I’m clear. Are you having that too?
Averley -I see you’re starting on 22nd? :crossed_fingers:
Gerry - So good to see the treatment working for you :clap::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::muscle:

Im so glad it wasnt as bad as you thought lillytiger, that’s such positive news. You are funny, more worried about the cold cap than the treatment :rofl:. I take it you felt ok throughout the infusion? How was the Picc line insertion?
I didnt have the gene testing but I think that was more to do with my age, I’m 63 and I expect you are a mere pup!
Yes mine starts on 23rd and Im just keeping away from all germs so its not delayed.
Sending you a massive hug and a big well done, that’s the first one you can tick as DONE xx

Hi averley2024
I hope you are feeling more settled since your meeting the other day and all your questions were unanswered xx

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Hi Lillytiger
How have you been since your treatment. All not too bad I hope xx

Hi Diamond - yes not bad thanks. I drank ginger tea/ had ginger biscuits to help with the nausea after the 3 days of anti-sickness. Been good today. Been able to do short walks and short catch ups with family/ friends over the weekend. It’s felt a bit like Covid - ie v tired. White blood cell injections have been fine. Bit achey but no need for paracetamol. I’ve been using Polybalm on my nails. PICC line is easier than I expected. I forget it’s there :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Oh and I’m 50 years old Diamond :blush:
Not long to go now Diamond. Will be good for you to get started with your treatment too :muscle::clap: How’s your week going? Xx

Hi lillytiger
That’s good you have been coping well. Long may it continue .
I’ve already stocked up on ginger tea and biscuits. I’m wearing a mask when I go anywhere and keeping away from anyone who has germs so as not to delay the start of my treatment. My biggest worry is how much my lump is growing as I can actually see it due to being so small breasted. It will be 10 weeks since my original appointment to starting treatment :tired_face: which is why I’m so desperate to start.
Having blood tests this morning then consultation with the chemo nurse on Thurs to go through everything.
I’ll let you know how it goes lillytiger and like I said really glad you are doing well xxx

Hi Diamond Sorry to hear you think your lump is getting bigger. They said mine didn’t even though I thought it was.
I hope the oncology nurse appointment goes well. That bit really helped calm me when I knew each step.
My cold cap again was good today with just Pax. I could drive myself there today and back no problems which I’m pleased about (20 mins)
I can’t listen to music or read when I’m having treatment due to the cold cap, So I did some ‘Peaceful’ colouring. I’m getting some clip on nose glasses though - don’t care what I look like :joy:
My PICC is good too. I hardly notice it. Can sleep on it too.
I’m going to order some more hair bands so I feel coordinated with my jumpers :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I can’t wait for you to get started Diamond :clap::crossed_fingers::muscle: Not long now xx

Diamond - how was your first day of chemo? :crossed_fingers: Hope you’re feeling ok today.
I came up in a rash over most of my body the evening of day 8. I phoned the hotline. Just been managing with antihistamine and eurax/ calamine lotion.

Morming lillytiger
Treatment all went well yesterday abd Ive felt ok albeit a bit whoozy on a couple of occasions.
Like you know I was so desperate to get started so at least I’m on my way now.
Thats good you were able to drive to your Pac chemo on Tues. Maybe the allergic reaction was down to that. Has it calmed down now?
Did you get more nausea after the Pac also?
So glad the sun is shining today. Going to take the dog for a walk soon, get some fresh air :dog2:.
Let me know how you are feeling lilly.
Love and hugs xxx

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How have you been Lilly? Hopefully you are still doing ok.
My next Paclitaxel tomorrow.
I havent been too bad apart from very windy :see_no_evil: and a couple of minor migraines.
Just have to deal with everything one day at a time xxx

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Hi all I have just been told my cancer is triple negative grade 3 invasive breast cancer so had referral to genetics now awaiting full body bone scan to check it’s not in my bones not sure what my treatment plan will be head is all over place

Just take it one day at a time and any concerns and questions you have speak to your BCN. The shock probably hasnt registered yet but you will rise above this. You can do it xx