Triple negative breast cancer recurrence

Hi guys, I have recently been diagnosed with recurrent stage 3 triple negative breast cancer. I have been undergoing various tests and scans, and on Thursday I was informed that an anomaly has shown up in my bowel following a CT scan. I had a PET yesterday morning as an urgent referral. The worry is that there is a thickening in my bowel which might implicate a distant metastases of the cancer. I would like to know if anyone else has heard or experienced anything similar to this. I am 43 years old and a single mum. I am extremely worried because by all accounts the prognosis doesn’t look too good either way.

Hi josiejo.
till you get definate diagnoses…there are plenty of treatments available to us all.dont look on line just look through Thi forum you will see many of us struggling with secondaries but are still here …there will be treatment plans ahead in sure
Love sharonx

hi josijo

like Sharon says,things will feel a lot better, once your treatment plan is finalised. We are all going through similar things and we know how worrying these diagnoses are. …I was given a poor prognosis in 2001! 

Try to distracr yourself until you know the dianosis and the options


love snd best eishes



Josijo, sorry to hear you have such concerns and although cant help yoou directly just want to reiterate what the others have said. My staus changed form ER+ to triple neg and i was terrified bt the ladies onn here have been a massive support. Please keep in touch and tell us when you have results/treatment plan. x