Triple negative diagnosed.

I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer last October had lumpectomy 7th November after various infection stareted fec-t on the 21st December finished middle of April… at my 1st checkup be chemo nurses beginning May and that was the 1st time I was told I was triple negative have since been through my radiotherapy and now started treatment to prevent it coming back in my bones… why wasn’t I told from beginning I was triple negative so worried.
Thanks to anyone who could help me

Hi Tracey I was diagnosed in April currently on treatment fec t had op before the afterwards having radiotherapy was told at diagnosis I was TN but they don’t seem to make a big deal of it kind of just threw it in there so I would definitely say ask but also I don’t think it’s a big a deal as alot think, my onc hasn’t really said alot about it or my surgeon x don’t know if this helps you but you should definitely ask!