Triple negative diagnosed.

I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer last October had lumpectomy 7th November after various infection stareted fec-t on the 21st December finished middle of April… at my 1st checkup be chemo nurses beginning May and that was the 1st time I was told I was triple negative have since been through my radiotherapy and now started treatment to prevent it coming back in my bones… why wasn’t I told from beginning I was triple negative so worried.
Thanks to anyone who could help me
Tracey forgot to add it was grade 3 and had spread to 3 lymphnodes…

Hi Tracey,

First of all, welcome to the forum, although sorry to see you’re having an anxious time. 

It’s difficult to know why you weren’t aware you had a TN diagnosis, but you would obviously have had the right treatment plan to deal with it & there’s no reason not to be positive. 

Do you have a BCN, who could talk you through your diagnosis & treatment plan?  If not, then do ring the helpline above to talk things through.

If you have been, google is probably best avoided if you’re not clear on things as there is a lot of out of date information & scare stories on there which does not help with the anxiety. 


ann x