Triple negative research

Triple negative research

Triple negative research I’ve been asked by Breakthrough Breast Cancer to write a letter to support a proposed Phase 3 clinical trial for patients with advanced triple negative breast cancer.

I intend to draft a letter over the next few days. The letter will go to the Clinical Trials Advisory and Awards Committee (CTAAC) as part of the proposal. I’d like to send it with lots of names…from people with triple negative breast cancer. So if you’d like your name added to the letter please let me know. You can contact me through the Breast Cancer Carepals website, and I’ll send you a draft of my letter and more information about what I know about the proposed trial.

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Triple Negative Hi Jane

My cancer was also triple negative and I would be more than happy for you to use my name for whatever purpose you see fit, anything you think will help is fine by me. Just let me know what, if anything, further you need me to do. Unsure as to what the Breast Cancer Carepals website is. Couldn’t find anything on google.


Hi Karen Strange…the link I put changed itself!

There’s another site for people with breast cancer where it is possible to make personal e-mail contact. Hope the link is right this time:

Hope to hear from you.


hI jANE I’m not triple negative, only HER negative and they still havn’t told me about the PR - Only been waiting two and half years!!!
But I just wanted to wish you well with this research into triple negative. I do feel for you ladies when there is so much advice available about er+ cancer but just NOTHING for you. It is bad enough worrying what happens when the Arimidex stops working or the five years run out for taking it… it must feel so helpless not having anything at all to take.

Good luck.

Joy xxxx

widen the support? Jane,
how do you feel about including the names of people who aren’t triple negative? I’m happy to add my name if it helps.

I think it’s important that we all work together to push for progress, even if we aren’t directly affected ourselves. We all have the same aim - better prevention and treatment of all breast cancers whatever their hormonal, biological or genetic traits.

ER/PR- Hi Jane

I’m ER & PR negative but still waiting for my HER2 results. I’d be happy for you to add my name if it helps.


Hi Gill

I have removed your surname from the post in line with the rules of the site.

Kind regards

Breast Cancer Care Host

Hi Jane

Please add my name - its Gill



Please add my name to your list and keep me informed of progress. I have a particularly aggressive form of triple negative bc and am fast running out of options to try and control it’s spread - have had FEC, Taxotere, Capceitabine and latterly Vinorelbine - none of which have had any effect so I am particularly interested in your post.

Message for LyndaG and Gill I would love to add your names to the letter which I have now drafted but need your last names and you can’t reveal them here! You can contact me privately on the other site which is

Hope to hear from you

Best wishes