Triple test today

Hi, I got referred to the breast clinic by my gp about 3 weeks ago having found a lump in my breast. Today I had a mammogram, ultrasound and 3 biopsies. When I went to speak to the consultant after the tests, there was a specialist nurse sitting in the room so I sort of knew what the consultant was going to say. They are pretty confident it’s breast cancer, I have to go to another consultation next Thursday once the results of the biopsies are back, but they have already said that I’ll need the lump removing along with some lymph nodes from my armpit.
I’m absolutely terrified!! I’m only 43 with no ‘red flags’, I really wasn’t expecting to hear the news!! My GP even told me that he was confident that it wasn’t cancer!!
It’s been great to read through the forums, it’s made me feel less alone!!

Hi Skye,

Welcome to the forum, although you would much rather not be here. 

Although it’s a shock, thankfully it’s been picked up so that it can be dealt with. BC treatment is very effective now. 

There is plenty of support here from those of us who are going through what you are now as well as those of us further down the road. 

Obviously, you’ll find out more in Thursday & do come & chat here whenever you feel you need to. 

ann x


Hi sorry to hear your news. It is a shock to us all especially at a young age. Have gone though this earlier this year, diagnosed 13 Feb, mastectomy 17 March, I know exactly how shocked and scared you must be feeling right now. There are loads of lovely ladies on here who can offer advice and support to us all, with all our different types of cancer and treatments. Sending you a big hug.



Thankyou lovely ladies, I’m only 43 with 4 children aged 24, 20,12 and 7 so I’m terrified for them!! My hubby lost his mum to BC 34 years ago when she was 52 so he’s really worried bless him.
I know the next 10 days are going to drag but I’m guessing they already know its cancer otherwise they wouldn’t have told me!! They took three biopsies so I’m feeling so sore!!! Xxx

Hi Skye, yes, it certainly is a shock when you are told it is cancer. All of us on here have been where you are now, so lots of support. Ask any questions and bring any worries here. It’s useless to tell you not to worry, but I can tell you that the journey is easier than you are thinking at this time. I’m three weeks post op, and never thought I would say that! Sending you a big hug. X

Oh Skye everyone on here knows exactly how you are feeling that’s why this forum is such a great support - don’t know what I would have done without it. I was in your position 15 Dec, also told me it was cancer (I asked!) and also had 3 biopsies. Today 8 weeks post mastectomy I returned to work. Baby steps, one day at a time but with support on here you WILL get through it. xx

Hi Skye, so sorry you’ve had this news. I had almost exactly the same a week and a half ago. Referred to breast clinic by GP, mammogram, ultrasound, biopsy then given the news. It’s such a huge shock isn’t it? I go back Thursday to find out more and the wait is so hard. Try to keep busy if you can. I’m still very new to this so don’t have any advice but saw similarities to you as I’m 47 with 3 children 22,13 and 10 years old if you want to chat. Take care xx



I am sorry that you find yourself here but you are probably getting to know that they are a wonderful bunch of ladies who will be able to give you so much help and support, we will help you get through this.


Helena xxx

Thankyou so much for your support everyone, today has been a little less tearful and have told a few members of mine and my husband’s families.
I am experiencing a lot of discomfort from the 3 biopsies, I have a dressing on it which I was told to remove after 48 hours, but they gave me two spare dressings. Should I change it tonight after I have a shower or leave the original one on?

hi Skye,
If it gets wet, its probably better to change the dressing.