Tripple neg' so no saftey net

Tripple neg’ so no saftey net

Tripple neg’ so no saftey net Hi , I am nearing the end of my treatment , 23 more rads to go !!! I was diagnosed in July 06 with grade 3 BC over 3cm. I had a Lumpectomy with complete removal of my Lymph glands, followed by 6 FEC Chemo’ and am now having 30 Rad’s. I am tripple negative so have been told there is nothing I can take to prevent the BC from returning and if it does I shall have to go down the same route Chemo’ Rads’ again. Although I have coped well with this, my attitude is that it was thrown at me so I just had to accept and cope with it. I do dread the thought of going through all this again. Is there anyone with the same diagnosis as me a few years on that can reasure me.
Hugs JillT

Hi Jill I am triple negative and was diagnosed on October 2003. I had a 4 cm tumour and 23/25 nodes with cancer (and that was after surgery and 1 lot of chemo…I had another chemo immediately after surgery.) I finished treatment in August 2004 and have been well since.

Cancer is notoriously unpredictable but yes there are good news stories of people with triple negative and node involvement surviving a long time.

I co authored a recent article in Breast Cancer News about triple negative cancer: Cancer Caren_winter0607_web_0.pdf

Also the Amoena magazine had a good article recently on er- and pr- breast cancer (mainly excellent though there was stuff in it on alternative tretaments I didn’t agree with.)

I think the time immediately after treatment is really hard. I was convinced I’d get a rapid recurrence but I didn’t. Yes I still worry about the future but it is far far less consuming on a day to day basis.

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Me too.was diagnosed Dec '03 and finished my treatment Oct '04.Am well and enjoying life.Feel I’m doing my bit by being dairy free.I’m a lot fitter these days,got my old figure back and have more energy!

Triple Negative Hi.
This is the first time ive posted.
I’m also nearing the end of my treatment, waiting to be called for rads(25 sess). I was dx in june 06 so cant help with reasurance, i had a masectomy and nodes removed with 6/12 positive, im also tripple negative.
I feel the same as you regarding coping, I have only just realised that no matter how much crying or worrying i do, i cant change whats going to happen to me! What will be will be!!!

Just wanted to say Hello.


Thanks everyone, Its good to hear something positive. I am now nearly half way through my Rad’s and find after the Chemo’ its no problem at all. In fact I now feel at six weeks post Chemo’ the best I have for months. Onwards and upwards !!! hugs JillT