trish is on gmtv this morning

I just thought those of you are up would like to know,she is on at ten past eight. x

Erm, who’s trish? Sorry to be obtuse.

Good luck to us all.
Maureen xx

trisha goddard,she is a chat show host on itv,she was dx in march x

Thanks, debbi. Don’t watch daytime telly as a rule but will give it a go as I’m up good and early.

Maureen xx

Just watched Trish. Great attitude. No bone secondaries there then. Only running 5K instead of 9K. I wish.

Good luck to us all.
Maureen xx

Living in Finland I’d have had no idea who this was except my sis brought over a Hello mag (along with a lovely trashy pile of other stuff) a couple of days ago & she pointed out that this Trish person - ‘doing chemo, just like you’ (yeah, right) - is working a 15-hour day and looks like she is 20 years younger than I am though we are the same age. The implication being… I wagged my sagging, swelling elephant arm at sis, let fly a copious gaseous emission & laughed sourly. Good for ‘Trish’, and best of luck - but I belong to the far from perfect brigade, cancer or no cancer. Susan Sarandon doesn’t inspire me with anything beyond vague feelings of personal inadequacy & the yen for a slab of soft brie & a bottle of red, either.

Good luck to the less than super, M-L xx

Felt a bit like that - I also think she has had only 1 chemo so watch this space - I wonder if she’ll have Taxotere !

People deal with chemo in all different ways. Some can carry on with their running etc but I just hope it doesn’t make other feel inadequate

Her comment that her surgeon and physio are working together - not on the NHS they’re not !!! I had my op in June last year, saw surgeon once and have never seen him since. I got an appointment through the post last week to see him in September 14 months since last seen and that was after a push from me.

Liz xx

we are all recovering no matter what though arnt we?,just because the likes of trish,kylie and susan saronden etc are famous does not mean they feel any different then us.I agree that they probably get treated better than we do because of who they are but they are still people at the end of the day,just the same as us.Incidently I must say I have been treated very well on the nhs,I had better treatment in scotland than where I am now but thats life.

I just watched this on the gmtv website. It must be so hard for her to be in the public eye whilst all this is going on. Mind you, on the other hand she gets the best of treatment. I am glad for her that she is coping well with chemo so far…but I can’t help feeling that although I have perceived myself to be coping well and strongly through my treatments, in comparison I am a wimp and somehow second-rate

Sorry to be so childish


don’t put yourself down like that. You have a “normal” life just like the rest of us.
We don’t have make-up artists, hair stylists, personal trainers and private health professionals to call on at a whim.
We do the best we can with the lot we have been given. SO what she works 15 hours a day and looks young for her age.
I am not trying to belittle what she is going through and people like her and Kylie have raised the profile of this awful disease but even before my diagnosis I had the thoughts that so what makes them so special, there are thousands if not millions of women going through exactly the same thing as these celebrities and they don’t get a pat on the back from thousands if they get on with there normal jobs or wear a wig or a fancy head scarf.
No we just get on with it as best we can and if someone says we look good, and not in that patronising way, we smile to ourselves.
We get on with it and we will al come through to the other side, just like Kylie and just like Trisha.

Sorry rant over. I am just trying to say that we all deal with it in our own ways and don’t let anybody make you feel any less because they can run a 5k stretch, I mean I couldn’t run 5k before my dx so I’m defo not going to be doing it now, walk it yes run it no way.

Loads of love

I guess I’ll have to watch this now.

It is possible she’s using this site anonymously so I hope no one gets to sarky about how well she *appears* to be coping :wink:

Thanks Lisa, I appreciate that, feeling a bit low after 6 chemos and feel it’s a massive acheivement for me to have got through reasonably compis mentis. You’re right, I wouldnt have run 5k before diagnosis either, so I am not going to be able to do it now LOL!

Take care

Love, Louise

Glad I’m not the only one to feel inadequate from media coverage of the celebrities.

I read an article in Daily Mail a couple of weeks ago on my first day home from hospital after bilateral mx and feeling very alone. Trisha says in the interview
"But I’m lucky - I have a family who love me. I’m not some poor woman stuck on her own in a housing estate with no family and no one around.’

Great - thanks alot.

But after all celebrities are only revealing what they want to and I guess we all paint a picture for someone which may be nothing like we actually feel.


I watched the interview this morning and I’m afraid it made my blood boil. When are they actually going to show this desease for what it is, vile. I feel for all the ladies watching that this morning with their head in a bucket, no hair, no eyelashes, no eyebrows, numb fingers and toes, no finger nails, no toe nails, ripped apart from head to toe feeling bad cos they didn’t do a 5k run this morning.

There is nothing glamourous about BC and 1 celebrity sitting in her garden being hugged by Fiona Philips and being told how fabulous she looks isn’t doing the cause any good at all.

I am not saying all this because I am negative and she is positive cos I remained as upbeat as possible through all my treatment last year and I consider myself to be lucky that I got an early diagnosis with a good prognosis and HOPEFULLY its over for me but reading about some of the ladies on here it is anything but over for them and the fight goes on for years, undocumented and unsung and I just wish they would take the glamour out of it.

Thanks for listening


P.S. Physio, what Physio?

I agree with all youre comments. Couldnt have put it better. Im similar to you. Early stage of bc and apparent good prognosis!
But it still scares the hell out of me. As does Fiona Phillips!
Lyn x


That was brilliantly put. Well said!


I wish I hadnt said anything now,I was interested in what she had to say.should have just kept it to myself.

Awww Debi, don’t think anyone wanted to make you feel bad. People just have different outlooks on things.

Sorry if I offended you on this one just got a bit wired up about it.

If you enjoyed the interview that’s great, as I said before everyone copes and deals with things in their own way.


thats ok,wont say I enjoyed it,dont enjoy anything to do with this illness,sorry that I got everyone worked up. x

People just like a good rant, I know I do and it’s given us all something to focus our frustration on today,
So in theory you did me a favour cause once I got all that off my chest I felt nicely relaxed.
Thank you