trish is on gmtv this morning

The one thing I did find helpful about celebs having this dreadful disease, particulary Kylie was that she seems to have come through it and seems to be winning and she is kind of my inspiration regarding my mum. When my mum was first dx with cancer this year, I had this horrible feeling that she would die, the reason being everyone I knew who had had bc had died, my hubbys mum, my auntie, and five friends mums, so I thought omg my mum will be like them and die and I was distraught then I took one look at how well Kylie was coping and hopefully winning and it made me feel so much better about my mum.

I don’t think celebs (in my opinion make the illness any less awful than it is) Remember poor Linda McCartney and if I am right her death helped bring the illness much more into the public eye and I think there are/is centres funded in her name. Someone told me this, so if I am wrong on that fact I apologise. The only celeb who has had bc that makes me blood boil is that Caron Keating, I feel she so badly let her children down.

I suppose if “celebrities” get it, it proves bc isn’t discriminating!!! It must be terrible to not be able to be “real” about how you feel from day to day coz of the media attention. I mean, if the papparazi were at my door now, they sure as heck wouldn’t get any cash for the pics!!! At least we are left alone to get on with this as best we can, with the love and support of our friends and family, without unwarranted intrusion and pressure from the media.

Debs - don’t say sorry - if you hadn’t started the thread somebody would have - and maybe it could have been me!

I feel that Kylie didn’t come to the media like Trish did and I just feel that she could have made a lot of people feel very inadequate. I am sure it wasn’t her intention but she did me anyway

Kylie just got on with it

Liz xx

I agree that it can make some ppl feel inadequate when they watch interviews or read about ppl such as Trisha coping so well with having treatment and still working 15 hours a day and looking so damn good to boot.

I have said many many times on this site that my treatment plan was on the easier side of things compared to the ladies who’ve had mastectomy and/or chemo then rads but even at that there is no way I could have worked a 15 hour day. I think the media have a duty to not glamourise cancer treatment but at the same time they do have to be careful not to scare the living daylights out of everyone by only showing cancer patients (be they regular ppl like you & I or celebrities) looking like a bag of sh**e all the time. We all need a bit of inspiration along the way and I suppose that is what they are trying to do with Trisha. As someone else has said she is at the start of her treatment so perhaps a little further down the line her working capacity and her radiance may dwain a bit.

Everybody copes differently in whatever situation they are in. We can’t expect Trisha to feel and cope in the ways we have all done. The way I coped with BC is different to how it affected friends. 8 times out of 10 I felt like a fraud, I had more ok days than bad days even during chemo. So many people could not believe how well I looked and how well I look now. On the other hand a friend had such a bad time with chemo and was constantly in out of hospital, and in no way did we ever feel we were “competing” at who has suffered more. Your life expeiences make you the person that you are. Whatever you have had to face and endure in life makes you maybe cope better or not cope at all. Physically, emotionally we all hurt, BC robs you of the person you once were, it makes you think of your mortality and really brings home how unpredictable life is, one moment you are here and next moment you are not.

No matter how positive and well you soldier on BC changes your life, it makes you want to really live your life in being happy and being surrounded by all those people you cherish, you want to hold on to them forever. So if Trish wants to run 5km so be it, thats her way of dealing with things, In no way should this be a reflection on how everyone else goes through this cancer. I infact celebrate her and applaude her in getting on with her life and being the person she is for her friends and family and not letting this horrible, horrible disease define her as woman.

Hi, i just wonder who cleans the celebs toilets after they have been sick, bet its not themselves for sure!!!

AJ spot on. Tonight I have posted about the death of my friend from this terrible disease. It is truely awful for the sufferer and their family, and while I wouldn’t wish any bad on anyone, I do think Trisha is either very lucky, or a good actress. BC is not cosy, and the true stories of real people without bundles of cash need to be told more frequently than these suddenly fit and healthy stars. It is 18 mths since my dx and I am still pretty unwell compared to how I was. Hearing that she, only recently diagnosed, is running 5km daily just makes me feel inadequate, and that maybe I should try harder!

And can I ask what did Caron Keating do to deserve that comment from Jules1964?


Is it just me but when they are reporting on a celebrity they seem to zone in the chemo treatment and not the breast surgery. Yes chemo is awful and an acievement to egt through it but the breast surgery to me has more of a long term effect, but celebrities don’t seem to want to talk about what they have had done.
Sorry for ranting and i do applaud trisha for coping and best wishes to her.

What is the Caron Keating story that made everyone so angry?? Can’t remember?


Hi Debbi
I tried to put this on earlier this afternoon and pressed the wrong ruddy button again and lost all I had typed, man that annoys me. Anyway what i wanted to say is please dont think my comments were made against what you said, they truly weren’t meant in that way and i am glad you started the thread cos I would have said what I said on another thread anyway. I just struggle with the way the media seem to glamourise breast cancer, I was talking to a representative from Breast Cancer Campaign recently and she said that whenever they try and run any media coverage they are always asked to present women who are under 30, slim and beautiful and they just wont show BC for the harsh reality that it is.

I personally think that Kylie dealt with her battle in a dignified, private way and has only recently started to talk about it publicly which is a good thing cos at least she didn’t present herself as some kind of heroic figure that we should all aspire to be like. Some of us have a really hard time with the treatment and this fact simply isn’t acknowledged publicly, that was all I was trying to say.

I’m so sorry if you thought I was getting at you and your thoughts in some way, that wasn’t my intention at all.


I’m so sorry to hear your friend has died Irene, I use the secondaries forum often so knew from postings your friend was very ill.
And also agreeing with Irene…please can we let Caron Keating rest in peace…however she chose to deal, cope, live with her disease it was her difficult decision alone.

There was a thread about her book a few months ago. This is what I posted then.

“had mixed ideas whether to read this book. I picked it up at a boot sale last year for 25p. I seemed to be going through a stage of “depressing books” as my husband calls them. You know the ones with a boy on the cover and you know once you start to read you will uncover lots of really awful things that the poor child has endured. I also read the Sally Clarke book, god that was such a gross miscarriage of justice. Anyway I did have the Gloria book on my list of books to read. Then my mum was diagnosed and I thought maybe, maybe not. I think I will go with the maybe not as it seems that Caron didnt put her poor boys first in any shape or form. And before anyone jumps on me and says she had cancer, yes I agree but we as mothers do all we can to protect our children and be there for them. It seems Caron failed them by refusing tried and tested treatments. It is only my opinion so sorry if it upsets or offends anyone.”

I have since spoken to people who have read the book and have discussed it at great length. One friend who has bc explained to me that the reason she didn’t want to take the drugs that hopefully would have saved her life, was because she didn’t want to go through the menopause early. I have two children. I nearly died having the second one. I was told during the birth of my son would I be willing to have a hysterectomy which ofcourse would of brought on the menopause early or risk bleeding to death. I didnt want to loose my womb at 29!!! but if it had been the choice of loosing my womb or my children loosing their mother then there would be no choice, so sorry if it offends anyone but the forum is here so I thought to voice our opinions and that is mine.

And I agree with others Kylie has dealt with her cancer in such a dignified way, having to put up with her so called partner cheating on her and then leaving her.

My husband lost his mother to bc when he was a child, so I know first hand how badly it has effected the rest of his and his sisters life.

ps Judging by Katys post I was not the only one who was angered by Caron Keating.

I have read the book and don’t see that she failed her children at all,like all of us she had decisions to make for her,and like all of us she had a supportive family who moved heaven and earth to make her last days as she wished.None of us know what to expect and we are all different,but celeb or not,this disease does not choose who it affects,so we should allow each other the dignity to react as we see fit for ourselves and our families.


Hi ajxxxx
I didnt think your comments were directed at me,after all we do chat on fb so didnt think that at all,I only put it as I was up early and thought other people would be interested in it,going off what a few other people have said I dont feel inadequate whan they say they can do this and that,I just get on with what I can do and thats it,I dont say ,oh no i cant do so and so,saying all that though I didnt have chemo but I have been through the mill a bit and 2 years on am still not fully fit but if I had a personal trainer like trisha probably has I would definitely have been fitter,but I dont feel bitter about stuff like that,but I do find it so hard to motivate myself to go for a walk,as am totally on my own down here and too scared to walk in the woods etc as I cant defend myself at the minute,we have all had different experiences of bc so all going to have different reactions,I used to be so angry that I had to get it,but not now,just think,thats life get on with it.People on here have really helped me in the last few months to do that,as I was angry with this site too,people putting negative comments etc upset me a bit,not now though ,I just seem to have set something bad off again and I hate that really.

debbi x

Well its my opinion and I think I am entitled to it, but I have been made to feel bad for saying it now.

Debbi you have been such wonderful support to me, and I will always be grateful to that, I think you an amazing person!

Jules xxxxx

We are all entitled to our opinion,and I made mine also,don’t take it personally


You are right, we are all entitled to our opinions and after reading about poor Lisa nothing else seems really important now.

I feel so terribly sad, like everyone on here will do.


I went through the menopause at 34 as had a hysterectomy due to severe endemetriosis and I have no children. I did not decide on having children but after the op and my hormones were racing I felt that I had loast that choice. However, i could have carried on as I was before the hysterectomy - I was disabled by endemetriosis. That was 4 years ago and now I have bc so bring on the treatments, I want to live… for me and my family. I must look at the Caron Keating book as seems to stir up alot of emotions.

Rach xx

I havent seen the Trisha interveiw but i do know that she has run for years as it helps her with the depression she suffers with, and i also feel as fit and healthy as i did befor my dx only a few minor aches and pains from my surgery, although I havent started my radiotherapy yet, I may sail through that or I may not who knows ,Trisha may also begin to get periods of terror and pain. if she gets special treatment because of who she is and how much money she has ,I know its disgracefully unfair,but I think good luck to her because if i had the money i would pay anything to get rid of this disease in the easiest and most stress free way that i could. not have to worry about what postcode i live in. and to those who were able to run 5ks befor dx and cant do so now there is no need to feel inadequate because we are all different and in all probability in a week or two Trisha wont be able to either.

Hi jules1964

You have been such a support to me too and many other women off here. thank you x x