Trouble posting

Hi everyone,
I registered last week and posted a new thread in the ‘waiting for diagnosis’ section, but since then have been unable to post, despite trying so many times! I have attempted to reply to the responses I received in my thread and attempted to comment on other threads. Each time I have ticked the box for email notification for any response to my post and it states my post has been successful, but when I go back later to look at the thread, my comment is no longer there. I’m just concerned that the kind people who replied to my thread must think I’m ignorant for not responding to them, but it’s not through a lack of trying.
I apologise if I am posting this in the wrong section but I’ve read the FAQs and can’t see where I am going wrong!
I’m probably missing something simple, but I’m really stumped. I’d really like to be part of the community here.

All sorted now! My post were being quarantined. Thanks to Anna for letting me know.